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  1. JF7FSU

    Ipad 2 not being detected

    I updated my iPad 2 to 4.3.1 and I cant get either of my computers to detect the iPad. One is win7 and one is Vista. Used different cables too. Anyone else having this issue? My iPhone 4 is detected.
  2. JF7FSU

    .jpg attachemnt not viewable on iPad2?

    I received an email with a .jpg attachment. I can view it on my laptop,but not on my iPad for some reason? It shows a paperclip on the iPad but it is nowhere to be found? Am I crazy or missing something here?
  3. JF7FSU

    Pending credit card charge

    Just checked my Amex and saw a pending charge for my iPad 2. Mine was expected in 5-7 days march 22-25th. Order page not updated yet but I'll bet it will be tomorrow.
  4. JF7FSU

    One Stop Solution?

    I have a Brother HL-2170W wireless printer hooked in my home network wirelessly. Every PC and my iPad 2 can see it. I would like to know what is the "Best" solution for me to print. I don't want to use a PC as a bridge and don't see a real clear cut solution except Print N Share. Can...
  5. JF7FSU

    USB Adaptor for ipad 2

    Any comment on how well these work and do they work with the 2? I see some inexpensive ones on eBay for $16. Also if I eventually jb are there any jb apps that allow this to use standard USB thin drives for storage?
  6. JF7FSU

    Am I the only one who thinks the camera Sucks?

    I cannot believe how pixelated the camera app is. I am almost wondering if mine is broken it is so grainy. I didn't buy for the camera but OMG it is really bad.
  7. JF7FSU

    Smart Cover with Back

    Has anyone looked at this? It appears to be a smart cover with a back and for $29.99. Available at Amazon for Preorder in a few colors. BOOKSTAND2B Macally Peripherals