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  1. Rockbottom

    Web addresses and phone numbers not linkable in calendar invites

    The web addresses and the phone numbers are not linkable in the standard iPad 2 calendar invites (in the notes) They are in my iPhone 4' in the notes). Both are set up with iOS 4.3.5. None are jail broken. This is more than annoying, as it prevents me to use ATT connect web meeting on my iPad...
  2. Rockbottom

    Three month old iPadder just joining the forum

    Hi, I got my first iPad on day two of its intro to Canada and I have been lurking in this great forum since then. I use it for personal reasons but also for work. I am not a gamer. It is mainly tool plus for reading, photos, some movies, etc. I have a iPhone 4 as well and an iPod classic but an...