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  1. sauloteles

    iPad 1: I can not edit my e-mail account

    Hello everybody. I can not edit my email account. I changed the account password using Windows 7 and now I can not access it the iPad. I go to 'Settings' >> 'Mail, ...' >> But my email account is out of reach (it is half off), and can not be accessed for editing. I also can not add new account...
  2. sauloteles

    How to include an avatar to my profile?

    Hello everybody. How do I add an avatar to my profile? sauloteles:)
  3. sauloteles

    Remove icon home screen on the iPad.

    Hi. I have a problem: I can not delete an icon from the home screen of the iPad. Tightening the desired icon and when all are shaking the 'x' does not appear to delete it. How to solve this issue?