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  1. Liquid Arikardo

    Does Anybody Know of Any Good iPad/iPhone Magazines in the UK?

    I like the sound of some of these magazines. I understand the points about the app reviews becoming quickly outdated but the product reviews are decent enough and the other articles are great. I'd like a virtual magazine on my iPad but I just prefer physical media. You just can't beat it...
  2. Liquid Arikardo

    Does Anybody Know of Any Good iPad/iPhone Magazines in the UK?

    Hey Guys, I was out and about today doing some work and popped in to a local newsagents to grab a paper and stumbled upon an iPad and iPhone magazine called 'Tap!'. A nice little 130 Page magazine for £5 and issue. I've had a quick flick through and there's plenty of articles and reviews of...
  3. Liquid Arikardo

    T.v series recomendations

    I couldn't recommend more highly Band of Brothers, The Pacific, 24 and one of my favourites Two and a Half Men. But that's just me :) Sent from my iPad using the iPF App!
  4. Liquid Arikardo

    Case for iPad and apple keyboard

    I personally couldn't recommend more highly the Case Logic E-Sling in Large. Plenty of compartments in the bag and enough space for the iPad and the keyboard plus loads of extras. I ordered mine from eBay for £8.99 and it's going to be my new work bag once it arrives. I think it was...
  5. Liquid Arikardo

    Screen Protector or Naked?

    This is an interesting thread as I've been wondering this myself. With only having a wifi model of the iPad that will undoubtedly be speeding the majority of time at home I am yet to pick up a screen protector for it. My iPhone on the other hand gies everywhere with me and has always had a...
  6. Liquid Arikardo

    So how much did everyone else spend on their ipad accesories

    So far I have spent £20 on getting the official apple iPad 1 case (which I personally think is garbage), £20 on my next case which is the Griffin Élan Folio (I've always liked Griffin products and they have never let me down) and £8.99 on a Case Logic E-Sling bag (which I bought as a result...
  7. Liquid Arikardo

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    I currently own: 1 iPad 16GB WiFi 1 iPhone 4 16GB 1 iPod Classic 160GB Keeping with all of the 1's and 6's :)
  8. Liquid Arikardo

    Hello from the UK!

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies guys. I bought the iPad 1 16GB. I am yet to jailbreak it as for now I'm just enjoying all of my apps in glorious HD. I'm looking forward to jail breaking it though. So much more potential from a jail broken device. Hopefully have this jail broken by the end of...
  9. Liquid Arikardo

    Hello from the UK!

    Hey guys, I was after an iPad forum and when I searched google guess who came up...Thats right! did! After a quick look around the site it looks like a good place to join and discuss all manner of iPad related topics. So on to the introduction! I'm Rob, I'm 20 and from...