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  1. pinkyboo


    I does anyone know if there's an app or website I can use on iPad 2 to watch supernatural? Please Iv looked and siriesme has gone down, :'( that was what I was using to watch
  2. pinkyboo

    Sireis me

    I is there any other sites where you can watch tv shows like supernatural and chuck, in the uk for free.
  3. pinkyboo

    Can anyone help me, is down and I don't know why does anyone know why? Or does anyone know somewhere else I can watch stuff online in the uk? X
  4. pinkyboo

    Series me?

    I does anyone know why series me is down? Iv looked on thee Facebook website and they don't know, please can someone help me?
  5. pinkyboo

    Tiny zoo

    Hi Iv had an iPod then I got an ipad2 I gave my iPod to my mother inlaw and she keeps trying to play tiny zoo but it loads my save she has deleted it then installed it again but it still loads mine. How do I restart itso she can play it from the start?
  6. pinkyboo


    I Iv got an ipad2, and I want to send stuff from my Sony ericsson Xperia mini to my ipad2 how can I do that? Any help would be amazing, thanks
  7. pinkyboo

    Shows online

    Hi does anyone know any English websites to watch things like CSI, NCIS, stuff like that for free. Please let me know if u do it will be so much help, thanks
  8. pinkyboo

    Watching supernatural

    Have a iPad 2 but carnt watch anything on it like supernatural cuz it says Iv gonna have a flash player? If so where can I get a free one
  9. pinkyboo

    Watching supernatal

    IV got an iPad 2 but when I try and watch supernatural of anything it says Iv got to have a flash player? Is that right if so where can I get one from for free