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    iMovie download to facebook

    First time using iMovie on my new iPad....took video, created a movie from it using iMovie and then uploaded it to Facebook but when I open Facebook on the Internet on the iPad, I get the error message that I can't play it because there's no flash player. I know there is no flash player on...
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    New Mailboxes in iOS5?

    Worked or me...awesome...went to the bottom list of my email accts...selected yahoo, selected edit, the at the bottom, new mailbox, named it and I have a new folder in My yahoo account....simple and great!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Got it, thank you ups
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    iPad 3 - Hype for the Gullable

    I use my iPad 1 everyday in work and in my personal life. It has become an invaluable tool for me and my respect for apple is great! My iPad 3rd generation will be delivered to me at some point today and I hope to expand the things I accomplish thru it even more. Apple is honest on the...
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    I'm mirroring my old iPad and new iPad so they have the same content. Anyone else?

    Putting my recent back up from my iPad on my new 3rd generation iPad. I already deleted some apps but like how it's all organized. All my documents are in good redy and saved to iCloud so they are safe and sound!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Mine is now in the air on its way from Louisville to ft Lauderdale. My cover came yesterday and my husband asked our ups guy if we could expect the same timeframe on Friday. He said he is usually in our development at the same time but that they expect Friday to be a bit busy! Lol!!! Going...
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Ok, if I have it held at ups for pick up then I can't pick it up until I will wait by the window on Friday!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Mine is coming ups and is now in Kentucky on its way to Florida....wish I could know the time also. Does anyone knw if I can have mine held at ups for pick up like FedEx? Otherwise I will have to do a little research today?
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    Ordered Thursday 10 am white 64gb 4g engraved and has now made it to Alaska. It still has a couple of days to make it Florida and into my waiting hands!
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    New Ipad Cases

    Advice on the same above, ordered smart cover for front but looking For a sticky decal like backing. Although I do love etsy...bought my macair case from them....hum...matching iPad case???
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    Ordered Thursday 3/7 10 am, engraved, just went to shipped status around 3am last night from china via ups for delivery 3/16!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Okay, finally received my email at 3am. Shipped from date 3/16. Purchased day after launch, Thursday at 10 am!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    It is now preparing for shipment...arrival 3/16. Ordered Thursday at 10 am!
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    I got my order in this morning around 10 am est and it sin processing status. Got my email about an hour later
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    Preparing iPad 1 to move to new iPad

    Thanks, can't wait! Taking the 16th off from work!
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    Preparing iPad 1 to move to new iPad

    Very excited that my new iPad will be her on the 16th. I know that all of my apps will move when I set up my new iPad. I have several documents in good reader and had copied them all to the folder called cloud. When I set up my new iPad and sign into good reader, will I be able to access...
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Orderd my white 64gig 4g iPad to replace my iPad 1...was waiting for best buy to decide how they are handling it so I could use all my reward zone money but just could resist and went onto apple and ordered. Went right errors! Waiting on the email! My new husband is going to love my...
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    upgrades iOS and password not working

    help upgraded to new iOS last night on original iPad and now had lock screen an my password is not working. have had the same password since day one and don't remember putting anything different in last night. I know it did a total reset but i only use two different password and neither are...
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    Mount for iPad in the kitchen

    Thanks saw this, looking for something that will maybe swivel and pull down, probably needs to attach the a wall!
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    Mount for iPad in the kitchen

    Remodeling my kitchen and want a mount for my iPad...something that will fold up under a cabinet when Not in use...anyone using anything they hard to look at them in pictures and know what will really work best! Thanks
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    Lock icon

    Sorry, really stupid it.... thanks anyway
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    Lock icon

    Not sure what I did but I now have a little lock icon up by the battery meter and can't seem to do everything I want in safari...anyone w Know what setting I messed up?
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    Using Mobile Phone to Connect to the Internet

    I have a blackberry style and would love a little step by step help...have been all over searching... Thanks
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    Knowing what you know NOW ~ would you still buy your ipad?

    Absolutely would buy it today however this week bought a MacBook air 11". I am very comfortably with the difference between the two and still love my iPad for the touch screen, great apps and ease of use and yes, of course the in on the original unlimited....
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    delete a letter !

    Hold your finger over the area you need to correct...a bubble will come up with a line, move your finger so the line moves behind the letter you want to delete, let go and the backspace...
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    Things that drive you crazy about the iPad

    I love my iPad, bought it for it is and what is does and respect apple for creating it....focus on what it does and the convenience and the things I bought it for!
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    What's the last movie you saw?

    Just saw social network and loved and watched letters to Juliet while sitting on a plane and am now craving a trip to Italy....
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    Download Photos from ipad issue

    When you connect to the computer, you should get a windows box with options...the computer will see your iPad as an external drive and you can copy the photos from it to your computer
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    Calendar ?

    Not sure how you change the calendar but you set a reminder either when you create the appointment or tap on and select edit..reminders is one of the settings
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    screen size issue

    I went back in the posts and looked at the one where the screen went blank....i took three fingers and tapped the ipad and it is all better...couldn't get on the forum while sitting on the runway for three hours last night because I couldn't get to the address bar.....I love this forum.... V
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    screen size issue

    Thanks...I am not jailbroken....any other thoughts...
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    screen size issue flying home on a nightmare flight last night and did something on my ipad that I can't seem to fix... All of the icons on my screen are large and I am only seeing a part of my screen. I can't resize it, I can't pinch and change it at all. So I can't get into most things because I...
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    I haven't used my laptop in almost three weeks.

    I truly feel like I am neglecting my pretty little pink ...
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    Ios 4.2

    With the multitasking....will I be able to keep the connection to my computer on jump when I move to a different program to check something? That would be a big deal to me...
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    Me too...You have to really push them in
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    Name something you can do with your Ipad!

    Numblock....what is the todo program you copied the look ofmit better than what I downloaded... Thanks
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    My iPad can now print!

    I have print magic with an hp 4385 and it works fine...did the test before I bought the are awesome...anything else goes to a whiteboard and is then printed...not a lot of options or formatting available bit is there when I need it!
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    My Love