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    Not sure about getting ipad 2 now

    Having read through the forums, I have noticed there seem to be alot of ipad 2's having backlight bleeding issues. I am now not sure I want one because I wouldn't like to order, wait ages for it to arrive and then find it has this problem, have to return it and wait however long for a...
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    Ordering from Apple

    I am getting my iPad2 in July, rang the online store today and have been told if I order on the 28th June or thereabouts, they don't take payment at that point, just an authorization payment of £1.00. Then my ipad would arrive approximately 3 weeks later. Can anybody tell me, if you ordered...
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    Hi there, I have just joined in the hope these boards might help me make a decision on which internet tablet to buy. I am due to buy either July or August so plenty of time to research. I'm very torn at the moment. My phone is an Android which I do love very much, lots of customization, roms...