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    Keep Losing WiFi

    Hi, I'm still new at the iPad thing. But my iPad keeps losing wifi connection. I have to turn off wifi in settings and then turn it back on. This is really frustrating especially when doing stuff like THIS. I have had to type this twice. Just wondered if anyone could help me out with this...
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    Losing WiFi

    Hi, I'm still pretty new to iPad. I keep losing my home wifi connection and the only thing I have found that I can do to get me back on is by turning off wifi in settings and then turning it back on. Was just wondering if anybody knows how I might keep my wifi switched on..
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    Network Lost/ help!

    I keep getting a notice on my iPad saying "Network Lost" your mobile network is no longer available you can choose a different network in settings. Dismiss or Select. I would like to stop this notice as it is very annoying. Does anybody know how I can do this please ...
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    Hi from Norfolk UK

    Hi, I am still learning how to use my iPad, and hopefully I can learn from u guys here