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    Another free iPad replacement

    I only left the room for a minute or two, and I heard something hit the floor. The cat had pushed my iPad 2 off the counter and on to the hard tile floor. The case was unfortunately folded behind the iPad. My black 3G 64gb iPad screen was shattered. I made a quick appointment at the Apple...
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    Possible shortage of the iPad 2

    Better buy one while you can... Explosion hits Foxconn's Chengdu plant | Electronista
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    Finally-the perfect iPad 2 back cover

    I really liked my Joy Factory case, but it did leave large areas of the sides exposed, and I got tired of co-workers teasing me over the giant "JOY" logo on the back corner. Fortunately I can sell it to a friend and buy this... CANVAS for iPad 2 - SwitchEasy The CoverBuddy covers the...
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    The 1080p widescreen iPad 2 apps are here

    Just downloaded the upgrade for RealRacing 2 HD. I've been racing on my 60 inch plasma for a couple hours. The detail, rendering, steering response (with the new gyroscope) and motion is awesome. I can't wait to see what other developers can do with 1080p and the iPad 2!
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    Joy back cover - a real joy!

    Just put it on tonight. I bought the clear hardshell cover. It clips on nicely, works with the Smart Cover perfectly, and is very thin and practically invisible. It covers all four corners with none of those corner slits that some covers have. It's so pretty I put four tiny clear bumper...
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    Flip video cameras - discontinued

    if you're thinking of getting one for your iPad/iMovie, make sure it's priced accordingly. I'm sure a lot of dealers will try to get full price as long as they can.
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    First album recorded on iPad2/Garageband

    Indie band kicks out whole album made on GarageBand for iPad | Electronista "The iPad 2's dual-core processor is fast enough to handle eight-track recording, or enough to record fairly complex arrangements,"
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    Marware MicroShell now in 5 colors

    I almost bought this when they only had black. Now I'm thinkin' the silver looks awesome. And I like the mat finish better than glossy plastic... MicroShell iPad 2 case
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    iPad2 64gb 3g selling for $406 over retail...

    ...on eBay. Suddenly the 2 hours I spent in line on launch day doesn't seem so bad. :) How can anyone be so impatient to spend so much rather than waiting a few more weeks?
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    iPad 2 glass much more durable

    Evidently the thinner glass on iPad 2 is stronger than the original iPad due to flexibility... YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Here come the iPad 2 apps

    The next "Real Racing 2 HD" game update will be full 1080p, 30fps, 16x9 (no black bars) on the iPad 2. The race will display (via HDMIi adaptor) on your 1080p Plasma/LCD TV, while controls and telemetry will appear on the iPad. Can't wait to run this on my 60" plasma! :) Meanwhile, the...
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    Smart Cover passes unscheduled scratch test

    My cat doesn't like it when I lay in bed reading my iPad 2. She usually reaches for the iPad and I move it out of the way until she goes away. Last night I had my black leather Smart Case folded in half over the back and didn't notice her reaching to grab the top of the iPad. So I moved it...
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    iPad1 vs. iPad2 side by side

    I have both for a short while. Here's what I've found. There's a reason why iMovie was designed for ipad2. It needs all the processing power it can get. Garage Band really demonstrates the differences between the 2 iPads. On the original iPad Garage Band is a blast, but after building...
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    iMovie and Garage Band are up on the app store

    Apparently iMovie is indeed only compatible with iPad 2. It isn't available on the app store when I'm on my iPad 1, but Garage Band is available and I'm downloading now (VERY slow download, servers must be overloaded).