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    External Storage

    Would putting them in network caddies and hooking them up to my router work?? Would the Ipad be able to use the space??
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    External Storage

    Hi Guys, I have about 5TB of external storage that I want to make available to the Ipad via wifi. What is the best way to do this so that the Ipad can see and use it? Thanks
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    Steve Jobs Resigns

    Now that Steve Jobs has resigned, what does this mean for apple software and the jailbreak community??
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    IOS5 - What are we most looking forward to?

    With IOS5 on the horizon, I just wondered what feature people are most looking forward to? Mine is being able to update our Idevice without having to connect to a pc and also being able to sync without connecting to the pc. What are you looking forward to? Steven