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    Itunes And Windows 7 Fragmentation

    win32 is only capable of utilizing 2gb of ram. Why would anyone ever even need 64gb's? Are you running 100 copies of photoshop at the same time? :D
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    iOS 4.3.3 is seeding - Last Chance for 4.3.2 SHSH Blobs!

    awesome. thanks for the updates
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    General question

    I'm a student with a laptop and an ipad but for the most part the laptop is mainly left at home. I'll only ever bring my laptop to school if I need to work on excel spreadsheets or powerpoints. Every kind of pdf, picture, word document, powerpoint, or anything else really is automatically...
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    Cursor Keys

    Is there any kind of app/tweak/mod thzt would allow me to have arrow keys on my ipad keyboard? I hate not being able to move the cursor in between two letters in a misspelled word. Instead the cursor goes to the beginning, the end, or at some random spot in the middle of the word.
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    How to save music from Dropbox?

    are you trying to save it on your ipad or desktop?
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    Cleaning app?

    what about defragmentation or malware scans? do ipads even need this kind of maintenance?
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    Cleaning app?

    cool ill have to check that out!
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    Cleaning app?

    Is there'd an app like ccleaner for the iPad? Is that even necessary? I just dint want junk building up slowing down my iPad.
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    Video Mirroring with JB

    Has anyone actually tried this? It was on the front page the other day and I'm curious to see if it works. I'm interesting in doing it but I want to be sure it actually does what is says it...
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    Vocabulary apps?

    Does anyone know of any notable vocabulary building apps? I've come across a few but nothing that really catches my eye. Most seem to be designed for children but I'm looking for something with a more collegiate level of vocabulary. Thanks in advance
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    I hope this isn't a dumb question...

    If you buy the music on your desktop itunes you should be able to transfer it to whatever ipad/ipod you want.
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    Ipad 32gb 3g problem

    fixed it. went to the AT&T store and had them replace the sim card. It still wasn't working but then I tried restoring again and now it works.
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    Ipad 32gb 3g problem

    This is also on an ipad 1. Already tried complete reboot, reset network settings, and toggling airplane mode. Already ejected and inserted sim card too.
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    Ipad 32gb 3g problem

    So about a week ago i installed tvout2 from cydia. All was fine until it started bugging out and changing the resolution on my ipad. After about an hour of trying to fix the issue with no success I decided to just restore my ipad and install the latest software (4.3.1). All is well except...