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  1. Jack1231

    Wifi off when unlock

    Whenever I unlock my iPad Mini now, the wifi is disconnected. Then it takes about 30 seconds to connect again. But it's the same with my brothers iPhone 5. It happens on any wifi we connect to. And it's very annoying. Please help.
  2. Jack1231

    Whwn do you think ios 7 will be out?

    When do you think IOS 7 will be out?
  3. Jack1231

    IOS 7 what do you want?

    What do you want in IOS 7. Please leave your answers in the comments. And if you want comment which devises will get IOS 7.
  4. Jack1231

    Gamecentre friends gone!

    I woke up this morning to find that all my GameCentre were gone. I sent friend request to all friends that were gone. But they said to me that I was still on there friend list. I've tried turning my iPad off and on again. But nothing works. Please help!
  5. Jack1231

    Is it bad to clean iPad Mini with KFC wipes?

    Is it bad to clean my iPad Mini screen with the wipes from KFC??
  6. Jack1231

    Can i buy cards with cards app with itunes gift card?

    Just like to ask. Can I buy a card from the cards app with a iTunes gift card?
  7. Jack1231

    GameCentre Help!!!

    I need help on GameCentre. All of my friends can put pictures on GameCentre. And status. But I can't. It won't let me. I'm using a iPad Mini. But so is my friend and he can do it. And, when my friends look at my GameCentre profile, it just says my GameCentre name. But with all my other friend it...
  8. Jack1231

    When is IOS 6.1 out?

    I've seen lots of things on the Internet saying that IOS 6.1 will be out very soon. But how long one? People said around late January. But it's almost the end of January and no news! Does anyone have and good links or news that might answer my question? Thanks
  9. Jack1231

    Green dot on front camera

    I have a small green dot on my front camera. I can't see it on the camera. But if I'm using the front camera I notice it sometimes. I've tried cleaning my camera but that didn't work. If I move my iPad Mini sometimes it will go but when I move it back, it comes back. Please help!
  10. Jack1231

    Ipad mini sound effects help

    I have a iPad mini 32gb wifi only. But I've noticed that sometimes my sound effect will go very quite. The spud effects settings are full volume but sometimes it's very quite. Sometimes I've noticed a difference if I change the main volume or Siri's volume. But sometimes this doesn't work. Can...
  11. Jack1231

    When is IOS 7out?

    Does anyone have any idea when IOS 7 is coming out. Or does anyone have any good ideas for IOS 7. Or if anyone knows when the WWDC about it is? Thanks.
  12. Jack1231

    Siri says wrong location

    I just got a new iPad mini. But for some reason whenever I ask it my current location, or when the closest Indian takeaway is. I keeps on saying I'm on Malvern hills. But when I go onto my apple maps, it's the perfect location. Can anyone tell me why it's saying this or how to change it. Thanks.
  13. Jack1231

    If i reset my ipad does it delete my icloud?

    I getting a new iPad soon. And I use iCloud. But I only have one apple device. Before I get my new iPad I'm going to sell my old iPad. Does this delete my icloud account? I think it doesn't. Thanks.
  14. Jack1231

    Smart case or smart cover

    Hi. At the moment I've got a smart case, light blue. But I want an easy case for home. And I would use my smart case for travelling. Do you think this is a good idea. I have had a Smart Cover before but sold it for a smart case. I still like the smart case but I like to take it off sometimes and...
  15. Jack1231

    How much should i sell it for

    I've got a iPad 2, 16gb, black, wifi only. I'm going to sell it to buy a iPad mini. But how much should I sell it for. It's in perfect condition. Only 1 year old. CEX where only going to give me £150 when I paid £330! I might sell it on eBay. I'm thinking selling is for about £280 - £300? Is...
  16. Jack1231

    Getting new iPad. Help with icloud!!

    when I do my back up does this include apps. I back up everything on my iPad. Or will the apps go on when I type in my apple ID? Also, one more question. When I back up, will all my apps be in the same place? I sync with iTunes to. And I think that stores where my apps are? Or will I have to do...
  17. Jack1231

    Should I get a iPod Nano 7th generation?

    I want to get a iPod nano. But is it right for me? I will use it for music, maybe some tv and films from my iPad 2 and recording my runs and walks. And if it is right for me does anyone have any feedback on it. For the things I want it for is it the right device. I will be able to sync with...
  18. Jack1231

    Help with the Cards app

    I want to order a card on the Cards app by Apple. It says in the help section about sending Cards that a email confirm is sent to my Apple ID email address. But is there a link or something I have to click on to make the order to through? Or does it just say that my order has be confirmed...
  19. Jack1231

    What time will IOS 6 come out

    I know now that IOS 6 comes out tommorow. I'm getting up early so I can update it. I thought it would come out midnight. But I want to know for sure. Does anyone know. Oh by the way, I'm in England. Thanks for anyone who replies.
  20. Jack1231

    IOS 6 realease date?

    Hi, so people have been saying the IOS 6 and the iphone 5 is coming out tommorow, (12th september 2012) is that true? I'm not sure if this is true because apple would have said. Can someone tell if this is ture, if it is not can someone tell me when it prob will be realeased. Thanks
  21. Jack1231

    What color?

    I'm going to get a smart case for my iPad 2 but I want to know. Should I get the navy blue, or the red? Also I want to know how dark the red is. I don't want anythink to bright because my iPad 2 is black. If the red is not to bright then I will get the red. Thanks
  22. Jack1231

    Mifi help

    I need some help with my new modem mifi. One: shall I turn it off at night because sometimes it gets quite warm and im a bit worried. And how do I put it into sleep mode? Please tell me if you know. Thanks!