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    writing Chinese characters in an iMAC from an ipad???

    my friend went to Hong Kong for vacation and back she told me an interesting thing that I am unable to search on the web she cannot explain further or give details of what she saw she said her friends using an ipad can write chinese characters (that I know since day 1) but she can somehow...
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    any APPS can play both photo and video???

    I purchased this APP called Photo Manager Pro its great in terms of managing photos, I meant I am an organized person and I don't like the fact having all my pictures and video store under the Apple "Photo" app at the beginning its fine when you have less pictures and video to manage but as time...
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    Emoji keyboard

    I added the Emoji keyboard and its fun to use but after a while, I needed more symbols and expressions is there an app or something I can buy or download that can give me more choices to use?
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    the mini is in production

    I heard the news ipad mini is in production now will anyone here buy it when it becomes avaliable?
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    Is there a simple APP for transferring files between 2 ipads?

    I want to transfer (copy) photos and video from my ipad 3 to my friend's ipad 2 or let say some of your friends got an ipad and you want to give him some pictures and he is sitting next to you, no internet no icloud. is there such a thing (APP) you can link the 2 ipads using blue-tooth and...
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    copy files between 2 ipad

    Assume I have some music and photos stored in my ipad my friend got another ipad and how do I copy files to his device? using blue tooth or wireless I mean is there an APP I can buy to achive this task?
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    ipad question

    I got the new ipad now and I have my old ipad2 can I do direct transfer from ipad2 to my new ipad? if not,what app do you use to transfer pictures, video etc... from ipad2 to the new ipad? don't want to use iTune or icloud.
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    Copy photo from USB drive

    First, Merry X'Mas to everyone. I am a Windows person for years and I am slowly learning how to live in this new Apple ipad world One big advantage is to have your photos store on the ipad. I find the native ipad photo app is not user friendly. I bought this photo manager pro APPS and its great...
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    Merry X'MAS everyone!

    hi there! I am new here, I live in BC, Canada just received my ipad2 as a gift and I love it, great fun and very useful I got one question for the expert here I've been playing this free game Battle Zone HD and I just can't buy the real version. when I click the icon to buy, it displays the...