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    App Store - Criteria for app approval?

    Does Apple have any criteria for descriptions of apps? Eg, let's say there's a free app that makes no mention at all that's it's merely a free trial, nor for how long the trial is free, nor what the price of it will be once the trial is over, and that you have to register and provide an email...
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    Cloud Backup - Time remaining

    When tapping "Backup Now" in Settings > iCloud, how long is "estimating time remaining" supposed to show for? I sat there for well over 10 minutes, waiting to see how long it would take, whilst "estimating time remaining" didn't change and the blue marker didn't progress any further forward...
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    How does the Calendar app work - with iCloud on or off?

    I haven't started using the Calendar app properly yet as I'm confused how it works and can't find any manual on how to use it. There was originally one calendar in it, which I assume was the pre-installed default one - "Calendar" marked as being "on my iPad". But when I turned the Calendar app...
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    Backing up to iCloud - Data?

    I can't see a link to the iCloud forum using the iPad app, so I'm afraid mods might have to spend valuable time moving this for me please :) Like many, I'm still somewhat confused about backing up to iCloud, despite being fairly computer savvy... Or maybe I'm just having a blonde moment, LOL...
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    Purpose of BCCing self in mail?

    This may be a silly question, especially when I'm not exactly a computer or email newbie and am quite savvy in both respects; or maybe I'm having a blonde moment, LOL. I tried searching the forum (using the forum app) but am getting a parse error... But, what's the purpose of the setting to...