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    Cheap Maps program for the Ipad 3

    I am looking for a gps maps program that give voice directions. Mapquest on the iphonme does it but there doesn't seem to be a corresponding program for the ipad. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Connecting Ipad/Iphone to an Airprint Printer

    My daughter has an iphone and wants to use an air print printer. She doesn't have a computer or internet connection at her house. My understanding is that you have to have wi-fi in order to communicate between the iphone and printer. My question then is can you use a cheap router that isn't...
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    Problem With Messaging

    My wife is in Europe and has taken my Ipad. The problem is that the ipad is registered to me and everytime she sends or receives a message it is displayed on MY iphone. I wouldn't really care too much except that I don't have free messaging on my Iphone so I will get charged for every message...
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    Screen Not Rotating

    The screen on my Ipad 3 has quit rotating when you rotate the ipad. Is this a setting or a problem? Thanks fRed
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    App for Recording Time trials

    I am looking for an app which will allow me to record the qualifying times for race cars and which puts them in an order of decreasing speed. So for example the fisrst car has a time of 47 seconds, the second car has a time of 54 seconds and the third car has a time of 43 seconds. I want the...
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    Document Imaging Ap

    Does anyone know of an ap for storing documents by taking a picture of them and then putting them in separate folders. For example, taking a picture of your gas receipts creating a pdf and then storing the individual doucments in a sepated folder. The "real" document imaging programs do input...
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    Connect Ipad to TV

    Can you connect the ipad to a TV using a hard wire? If so where can you get the cable? Does the TV replicate the ipad picture i.e. does it fill the whole screen? Thanks Fred
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    Westjet Airlines to use in flight ipads.

    Apparently Westjet, a Canadian reginal airline will not be having any in flight built in entertainment. Instead they will either rent ipads or let you use your own and connect thru wifi on the air plane. This will save them a bundle on outfitting planes for the ever changing requirements for...
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    Limitations ofKeynote.

    I am setting up a slide presentation using Keynote and would like the presentation to repeat continousy. Can this be done and, if so, how? Also can you add music to the presentation on the ipad? If not, can you use Keynote on a PC, add the music and then sync it to the ipad? And thirdly, can...
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    Which Configuration of Ipad to get

    I plan to get an ipad 3 in the next while and wonder how much memory I will need. I already have an iphone and plan to get a wi-fi only ipad. For the little time I will be away from wifi I feel that tethering to the iphone will work out OK. I don't download music or videos nor do I take videos...
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    Tried Motorola Xoom and Hated it.

    I bought a Motorola Xoom and hated Android it so returned it and plan to buy an Ipad 2(as my son suggested in the first place). Anyway I'm also in the market for a new phone so I also am thinking of getting an iphone 4s. I will get the ipad 2 with wi-fi only as I understand that I can use the...