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  1. therealriley

    Should i buy an iphone 5S? Camera quality?

    Can anyone give me some info? Im looking to get a new phone as mine is broken now. I can get an upgrade now but should i go for the 5s? I hate buying apple products with the next model looming round the corner but i need a phone now. I mostly need a good camera, i had a nokia Nseries with a 12mp...
  2. therealriley

    Alternatives to plex media server

    Can anyone suggest an alternative to plex to play my media server files. I have plex on the pc but it has been temperamental lately. When i search for my server on my tv or ps3 i have plex server and windows 7 server come up together which is the same files. I dont know how i set this up but it...
  3. therealriley

    Connecting my ipad to the PC first time in a year will it blank it?

    Hi all, ive just bought a pc and i need to hook my ipad up and finally back it up. Ive never done a back up because i did not have a pc and icloud did not have enough space to perform a back up. So its absolutley vital i dont lose my in app files/info when plugging it into itunes for the first...
  4. therealriley

    Strange memory behaviour on my 1 year old ipad 2 (see screenshot) please help

    Hi all, i have been getting some odd memory low messages lately and the ipad is freezing up, when you close a folder a faint line of the folder is still there (occasionally) then it will freeze and i have to do a reset by holding the home button and power button. I have never synced this to a...
  5. therealriley

    Can anyone recommend a 3D designer app for quick 3D sketches?

    I like to build things, so im looking for a easy to use 3D design app. It only has to be basic just so i can get a quick visual on what im building, with the option to add colour would be great. Any ideas? Ive had a quick look but they all seem to be furniture designers.
  6. therealriley

    Can i use a $50 itunes voucher in the UK store? (i am in the UK)

    I all, I have been using a reward website and I have just won enough credits to get either a $50 iTunes voucher or a $50 amazon voucher. My question is as I cannot get a UK voucher from them so can I use the US code in the UK app store? Or can I claim the $50 amazon card and use that on amazon...
  7. therealriley

    Has anyone played/is playing angry boss? How do you hypnotise the boss?

    I all I'm playing angry boss and it's a bit weird. I've just had a task to get to lvl 15 but I'm lvl 28? When I got to 29 it completed the task. Now I have to hypnotise the boss and can't find any way of doing it. Can anyone help please :)
  8. therealriley

    Do you use the ipad to make money? What apps do you use to support it?

    I wonder if anyone is actively making money on their iPad. If so what apps do you use to support this. Please try to say how the app helps you. Please do not spam this thread with links I'm not interested and it's not allowed on this forum so you will most likely get banned. How do you make...
  9. therealriley

    Anyone got an ipod touch that can answer this?

    I've just got an iPod touch and the home screen does not rotate? When you bring up the task bar and swipe left it says portrait screen orientation lock/unlock. This has been unlocked. There is no switch so there is no mute/orientation settings. The screen rotates in games but not the home...
  10. therealriley

    Filebrowser or file explorer app?

    I am unsure which one is the best. Really all I want to do is use it to go to my friends house, or my parents or at home. I want to scan the multiple pcs in each house and be able to browse the shared music on the computer and play it through the iPad. Which one of these is more suitable? Ones...
  11. therealriley

    Can you suggest an external hard drive to use with the ipad?

    Need to buy a hard drive to replace my broken external hard drive. I'm looking for wireless capabilities so I can read/write from my ps3 and or iPad/iPod. I will mainly use it for my playstation 3 to watch my home video clips and this will be via USB, however I would like to either connect it...
  12. therealriley

    Ipad HDMI dock review

    iPad dock review Hello everybody, I have decided to write another review regarding a new docking station I got. I'm sure you will all enjoy reading it's features. It seems not all models of iPad are supported yet according to the instructions but it does work on my iPad 2 and when I got it the...
  13. therealriley

    Anybody on three get an pdp authentication error this morning?

    Hi all, just checking if anybody else has had intermittent network failures this morning? I had a message of pdp authentication error, could not connect to cellular data. It seems that the issues is with three. Now their my3 page is down for maintenance. What I did to restore mine. Take out the...
  14. therealriley

    Ouch.... EE's new data plan is pricey for UK 4G service

    Here's a screenshot from tech radar website for EE's new UK 4g service. £36 for 500mb!!!! I pay £15 per month for 10gb 3G and no other company can match it so far. £36 for 500mb is like watching just two hours on the bbc iplayer then it's gone. See the full reported data tariffs in the...
  15. therealriley

    Where can i find an apple style free website template?

    Hello can anyone help? I've been looking for a website just as a hobby and I'm looking for a theme that looks similar to, apple store etc. I like the style of the apple buttons and menus and want this smooth look across the website. Has anyone got any links to find a suitable template...
  16. therealriley

    Does the ipf ipad app have the like a post feature?

    Hello I'm just wondering after seeing on my profile I have 15 likes, I would also like to do the same. Is it a feature of the app or just the website? Sorry mods if this is in the wrong spot, thank you in advance if you have to move it.
  17. therealriley

    Does apple deserve such a loyal customer fan base?? YES or NO? POLL

    I often hear a lot of mixed feelings here. With apple charging slightly over the top for their products, then out dating them so quickly. Charging over the top for accessories which should have come with the device as standard. then starting wars against every other company out there adobe...
  18. therealriley

    Slow loading times for youtube videos over 3G

    Hi all, I am using a 3G connection and am trying to watch videos on YouTube. However I am having issues with slow loading times for videos. My 3G connection has had some issues but has been stabilising now, and after a speediest I am getting good speeds. So when I use the browser or any Internet...
  19. therealriley

    Can i use the ipad as a monitor for my xbox 360 or PS3?

    Any ideas what I would need?
  20. therealriley

    Saving hard drive space on your ipad - tips and tricks

    I see these tips and tricks threads become helpful tools when managing your iPad so I decided to start this one on tips to save hard drive space. Obviously you can just delete stuff but I wonder if anyone has found any ways to save space. I.e using zip files to shrink the file sizes, using...
  21. therealriley

    Is anyone on o2? Get your free mini speaker now :)

    Hey everyone, I've just gone to O2 store and picked up a free £9.99 x mini speaker. You have to be registered to priority moments and they will give you a code for £10 off at O2 store. I went in and got this free speaker today so I thought I would share with everyone. Go get yours, register at...
  22. therealriley

    Recovering photos from old back up files???

    Im hoping you guys in the hacking section would have more of an idea around this one, especially as your always changing firmwares and jailbreaking etc. Recently I've been searching online to see if I can recover photos from a back up file. (I know it's been asked before and u pretty much can't...
  23. therealriley

    How do i view the shared folder images on my pc using the ipad 2

    Hi all, I have this issue and am looking for a suitable way to resolve this. Currently on my wifi network I have my PC, tv, Xbox and iPad on the same connection. When on my Xbox I can view the shared folder on my pc, same as with my TV but how can I do the same on my iPad? I don't want to start...
  24. therealriley

    Why does an app say 480mb in itunes but 798mb on my memory usage?

    Hi all I have noticed this with many apps, I just wondered why. For instance, I have downloaded six guns months ago, and I have been updating it since.Could this be why? When I go to the app store it is 480mb to download, then I go to settings>general>usage where it shows as 798mb? If I deleted...
  25. therealriley

    Wanna see my ***** and rampant rabbit pics?

    There's nothing like a catchy title to grab your attention lol but as you can see its just my cat and giant French flop rabbit lol sorry to disappoint you guys :) I have to keep them separate because the rabbit just humps anything it can rub on. Gross I know! Both are males, not that it makes...
  26. therealriley

    Get your windows pc desktop on your ipad see screenshots inside!

    I know this is old news to some people, and I have used it a thousand times from pc to pc. But if you download teamviewer for the iPad and again on any pc you can control your windows PC on your iPad. And its FREE Here I am controlling my brothers PC from his home to my home on the iPad. It's so...
  27. therealriley

    ipad forum app, why does it always miss off the first letter in the post?

    Also I've been having a few issues with connection error prompts coming up on the app but it doesn't seem to be any errors? When I was uploading pictures earlier I got a message saying the plug in used in the app may be outdated and I should contact the administrator. Is it just on mine or does...
  28. therealriley

    Is there a way to stop websites automatically diverting you to mobile site version?

    Ive noticed on some websites when searching through google will say would you like to download our app for this site giving you the option to view the whole site if you press cancel, but some sites automatically switch to the mobile version instead of the full site even though the iPad has the...
  29. therealriley

    Help needed first time sync with PC after 6 months of using. Never synced before.

    Hi all, I'm hoping anyone can answer this for me. I have owned and used my iPad 2 from new 6 months ago. I first activated it in a wifi network without a pc, and I have used it this way since. I have lots of files inside my apps that can't be backed up but can be accessed from a pc. So I have a...
  30. therealriley

    Im puzzled can anyone help? Cellular number unknown browser thinks im outside UK?

    I everyone I've been having difficulty with my 3 mobile data sim. I had network issues a while ago and three told me to do a sim swap, this resulted in general settings saying mobile data number unknown. I've now done three sim card swaps, with all my data plan just added to another sim card, so...
  31. therealriley

    Can i store itunes on a memory stick to use on any pc?

    HI I have an 8gb memory card (can get bigger if necessary) in a USB stick. I don't use a pc with my iPad but am waiting for the day it has all been wiped and says connect to iTunes, fingers crossed it does not! So am I able to install iTunes onto a memory stick and sync my iPad to it, but then...
  32. therealriley

    Have you ever dreamed about your ipad?

    Had a dream last night that my screen had a big crack in the iPad screen. Luckily I woke up and it was all a bad dream haha Anyone else dreamed about your iPad :)
  33. therealriley

    Mobile data number "unknown" ???

    Hi all, I've been having a lot of issues with 3 network recently and I'm now on my 4th replacement sim card in 2 months. Their engineers are sorting my connection issues now and are upgrading the mast, however a new problem has arisen and nobody can figure it out? I first had a pay as you go...
  34. therealriley

    Does anybody know of a reputable UK seller of AR Drone 2.0? At a good price?

    Hi all, I'm looking for somewhere I can buy the Ar drone 2.0 in the uk. I want the best price, and/ or good support if i needed to return it for being faulty or anything. Also it would help if they had them in stock too :) Has anyone bought one yet in the UK and can share where You got it from...
  35. therealriley

    Show off your random pictures!

    Heres a place to show off your iPad pictures you have taken. If there's one your particularly proud of why not post it here. If you can please give tips on how you taken the picture to help others take great pictures also. I.e making sure you have the light correct to produce a better image etc...
  36. therealriley

    Whats the worst app you have ever bought/ downloaded?

    There's lots of topics out there for the best apps. What's the worst apps to avoid????
  37. therealriley

    Dvd to ipad with dvd menus?

    HI all hope I have put this in the right section. I have a few DVDs I would like on my iPad, I've never copied a DVD before so was just wondering if It's possible to copy a DVD put it on the iPad and still have the DVD menu and full function of the menu at the start of the movie. If not...
  38. therealriley

    Can the ipad2 be jailbroken without a computer? On 5.0.1.

    As above can it be done? Or is jailbreakme the only people that do Internet jailbreaks?
  39. therealriley

    Ipad gadgets!!!!! :) the endless list...

    Hi all, I have not had much interest in an old thread of mine named what 3rd party accesories have you connected to your iPad? Wireless, Bluetooth etc. so I thought a new thread with a catchy title might work to increase exposure. I'm sure I'm not the only iPad gadget fan out there. I will try...
  40. therealriley

    How to easily get your UDID number without a PC

    Had a few issues with the mystery manor game recently and had to contact support they told me to find the UDID through iTunes on the PC and I don't use a PC. I found out though you can go to the AppStore on the PC and search for an app called UDID then you can retrieve your UDID on your iPad...