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  1. kilofox

    Anybody like me?: Love the iPad, but prefer Android phones over the iPhone?

    I know some may think this is weird... but I detest android tablets (and I have owned a few), but I really like android phones over the iPhone (including the 4S). I love my 32gb 4G iPad... and will soon be rocking the Galaxy SIII at the end of this month. Anybody else share the same preference?
  2. kilofox

    Smart Cover leaving lines on screen.

    When I go to turn on my iPad, I can see lines on my screen left by the smart cover. A quick wipe of the screen removes them, but I am afraid that over time the marks will be permanent. While I have never used screen shields on any of my idevices in the past ( I detest them ), am I going to need...
  3. kilofox

    Its been a few months... why no Official Facebook App for iPad?

    Hard to believe there isnt a official FB app for iPad yet. Anyone venture to guess why the delay?
  4. kilofox

    WiFi Indicator missing after JB.

    I JB'd my iPad via Spirit/Mac yesterday. Everything works ok, but my WiFi indicator went missing. The iPad still connects to a WiFi connection and functions correctly, but the indicator icon is missing. Since I am OCD... this bothers me greatly. :D Anybody else experience the same? Any...
  5. kilofox

    Received Camera Connection Kit - Short Video Demo Inside.

    Shot with cellphone video... please excuse the one-handed operation. Hopefully you will see what you want to see. Camera Connection Kit Demo
  6. kilofox

    Tip: You can put 6 Icons on your App Tray

    If I remember correctly, you could only have 4 with the iPhone unless you jailbreaked your phone. You can have 6 on the iPad without jailbraking it.
  7. kilofox

    Buy iBooks on iPad and iTunes??

    Will we be able to purchase iBooks on iTunes? Or are we stuck buying them on the iPad? Not interesting in reading them on my computer and not expecting to, but it would be nice to browse the iBook catalog in iTunes and purchase them just like apps.
  8. kilofox

    Q regarding iTunes Accounts & iPad Apps

    I recently got married, but before I met my bride to be, she had her own iTunes account. I have mega purchases on my account (apps and music) while she had only a few purchases (music only). However she has a $60 credit in her account via iTunes gift cards. We like having our own computers...
  9. kilofox

    BGR: Your iPad is probably at your local UPS station.

    UPS iPad shipments under guard Boy Genius Report "Here’s an update on the UPS iPad deliveries: we’ve been told that it will be virtually impossible to have one delivered prior to Saturday and your shipping status doesn’t mean squat. Here’s why… There are iPad shipments sitting in...
  10. kilofox

    Netflix on the iPad!

    App Shopper: Netflix (Entertainment) Personally, I can not wait for this app!
  11. kilofox

    First iPad reviews are coming in.

    Walt Mossberg - iPad Opens a New Frontier - Ed Baig - Verdict is in on Apple iPad: It's a winner -
  12. kilofox

    Full Time Senton Hill Univ Students getting iPad fall 2010

    Seton Hill University hands out iPads to students -- Engadget Lucky dogs!!!
  13. kilofox

    iPadforums thread subscriptions..... how to turn off?

    How do I turn off subscriptions? I am automatically subscribed to every thread I post to. Other forums have an option in User CP, but I dont see one for iPadforums. Am I being a little dense here? LOL. Do I need another cup of coffee this morning? Anybody? Buller?
  14. kilofox

    Video - Browsing the iPad Store

    Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] on Vimeo
  15. kilofox

    Apple iPad application walkthrough @ BGR

    60 iPad App Images Posted at BGR
  16. kilofox

    App to read Camera RAW?

    Since there will eventually be iPad Camera Connection Kit, I am hoping that there will be an app or the iPad will natively be able to view RAW files shot with my camera. Think this is a possibility?
  17. kilofox

    PadNotes .... Nice Nice App...

    Holy Crap!! I will be buying this app for sure! PadNotes
  18. kilofox

    The Apple Store is down........

    It wont be long now folks..... get your credit cards ready for 8:30 EST!!!
  19. kilofox

    Will EDU or GOV discount be available for pre-order?

    Gov employee here. I get 10% off at the Apple Store online. Does anyone know if gov or edu discounts can be applied to pre-orders? Or does one have to wait until the product is actually available online?