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    iPad - are you still on the fence?

    If I do get one it will be wifi. If I speculate correctly, next gen iPhone BETTER have tethering!!! Thanks to those who have taken the survey so far! Who is still on the fence? Are you addicted to Apple? I am! Take the iPad Survey!
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    iPad - are you still on the fence?

    I was going to preorder then decided against it. Realized, for the money, I have to think twice before jumping the gun. Then I hear rumors of the iPhone HD and I'm thinking, wow - that's where my money should go. That being said, I'm still thinking about getting the iPad this week. Most...
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    Office applications for the iPad?

    Ha - I did. But it was in between doing work if you know what I mean.
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    Using the iPad to Update Web site

    I hope blogging on the iPad is simple and efficient. The WordPress App for the iPhone is mediocre at best for a simple post, but I'd rather log into admin.php and update my blogs that way.
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    Any word on Printing?

    One thing I wish we could do with the iPhone is to print documents to a wireless device on a wireless network. Is there any word that printing be possible on an iPad?
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    Office applications for the iPad?

    Is there going to be office applications for the iPad? More specifically, word processing, spreadsheets, etc.? Or am I way off on its 'purpose'. If it does have these applications then its a computer right? What was the all around goal for a 'tablet' versus the laptop? Having a docking station...
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    Hi all

    I've been on the should I shouldn't I fence with the iPad preorders. I decided NOT to and wait to see how it goes. But I do want one just to have one - but would a MacBook Pro be a better investment? My MacBook is great, but I need 'more' from my computer. That being said, that's not much of...