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  1. thapzen

    fashionable ipad bags for the ladies

    Pls do post a few pics, I'm interested in buying one, tired of carrying this big gadget around in the palm of my hand.
  2. thapzen

    iPad bricked after redsnow jailbreak

    U need to download a new OS for ur iPad, attemp to connect it with ur iTunes open, try it several times, it might just get back to life, the restore ur device after connection success
  3. thapzen

    Zagg InvisiShield

    Mind sending a few pics of this protector, I think it might just be on my shopping list
  4. thapzen

    Perform Guitar Through My iPad

    Lol this looks kinda complicated, I'm more of a dj, any hardware suggestions for my case?
  5. thapzen

    fashionable ipad bags for the ladies

    Do u have bags for guys too? We also human.
  6. thapzen

    Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 2

    Very innovative of you guys, I think I'd love to have this cover, I can only imagine how light weight and strong the package is...double thumbs up!
  7. thapzen

    ipad in the classroom

    I think an iPad is a must have in the gadget world and it makes life a whole lot easier too
  8. thapzen


    F anyone has jail broken an iPad 2 running on OS5 or later, please do share the secret