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  1. AHA

    Watch soccer

    I've used the Justin.TV app to watch live matches before. It's not optimized for the iPad, but it works well.
  2. AHA

    Help my keyboard has moved...

    No problem :)
  3. AHA

    Which is Your favorite Dog Breed?

    Out of these breeds, my favorite one is the German Shepherd. I had one before, but it ran away :(
  4. AHA

    Need help?

    It's not in the App Store. You can get it from Cydia by jailbreaking your iPad.
  5. AHA

    Need help?

    It's called RetinaPad.
  6. AHA

    Do you listen to music on your iPad?

    Yes, but not so much. I listen from my iPad less now since the Music app changed. I think that the iPod app looked and worked much better.
  7. AHA

    Help my keyboard has moved...

    Hold the button on the bottom right, the one with the keyboard with an arrow under it, until you see 'Dock' and 'Split', then tap 'Dock'. You can also just drag it down using the same button.
  8. AHA

    What would you like to see in IOS 6?

    Sharing web pages, photos, etc. for all social networks (or at least the most popular ones); not just Twitter.
  9. AHA

    Apps being removed by itunes.

    Try ticking the specific app you want or just drag it to the iPad menu on the left.
  10. AHA

    How Many Apple Products Do You Own?

    Two products: A 16GB 1st generation iPad and a 120GB iPod Classic.
  11. AHA

    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    Some people say that if grit gets in between the iPad and the surface it's placed on, it gets easily scratched.
  12. AHA

    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    Doesn't the back get scratched up?
  13. AHA

    Favorite Ipad Browser

    My favorite browser is Safari because it's very simple and it's just as fast as all the other browsers. The only thing that is missing is a download manager. A way to change the theme would be nice, too!
  14. AHA

    Short Stories for Children

    There are a few free children's books in the iBook store.
  15. AHA

    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    I use a white Speck case. It only covers the back and the buttons of the iPad and It's very sturdy. It's great, but if I hold the iPad with one hand, it will slip. 8/10.
  16. AHA

    iPad not working with windows live

    Thanks! It worked!
  17. AHA

    iPad not working with windows live

    It works on my iPad. It shows all the Emails, but loading them is very slow and it doesn't sync well with the server. When I delete an Email from the app, it's still in the inbox in the website. If you only have one account, bookmark the Windows Live website, it's much faster.
  18. AHA

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    Nice! What is that cover you're using?
  19. AHA

    Whats the best apple product you own and why?

    My iPad. I'm addicted to it!
  20. AHA

    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    Having to use a computer to organize photos is really annoying and inconvenient, so a way to organize photos is important to me. Also, a download manager and a dictionary add-on for Safari.
  21. AHA

    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    Surfing the web, checking Email, keeping up with the news, watching videos, playing games, reading books, taking notes, and listening to music.
  22. AHA

    New Member

    Hi, everyone. New member here. I love the iPad and how it makes tasks like web browsing and Email checking enjoyable. It has completely replaced my laptop. I hope to get the most out of my iPad through this website :) .