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    Some questions before buying

    Portable external hard drive? What about using a portable external drive? I've heard about Sanho Hyperdrive or Seagate GoFlex. What is your advice?
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    ipad2 and HyperDrive ipad hard drive

    iPad 2 and hard drive Will the Seagate work with my MacBook pro? I heard USB HD are faster than wireless. I'm with you about Seagate being a better brand.
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    ipad2 and HyperDrive ipad hard drive

    Hi JimJoh, while on your cruise how will you put videos & photos on your hyperdrive hard drive? are you downloading from a video camera or digital still camera? Thank you for all the questions. I'm asking these questions before making the purchase of the iPad2. Thanks again.
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    ipad2 and HyperDrive ipad hard drive

    jim_joh, did you get the hyperdrive hard drive to work with your iPad2?
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    Mounting hard drive

    bulletbilly, you can download from ipad to your 200gb external hard drive via ifile?
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    Is 16gb enough?

    Ultrimate, how does the bluetooth flash memory adapters work? Can you download from iPad to flashdrive?