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  1. CMFox

    Digital camera video imported to my iPad 1

    Maybe I'm not making my confusion clear. I am taking short movies/videos (less then 2 minutes) on my digital-point-and-shoot camera along with still images. Using the iPad camera connection kit I can download the still images into my iPad 1 but the movies while appearing to download, when I open...
  2. CMFox

    Digital camera video imported to my iPad 1

    Maybe I'm being obtuse but I don't see what an empty YouTube box is saying to me. I have memory card with images and a short movie on it...taken on my point and shoot. I can download the images directly into my iPad but as of my try last night the movie doesn't download. A bit more info would...
  3. CMFox

    Digital camera video imported to my iPad 1

    I'm doing some traveling soon and want to download/ import any movies I take with my point and shoot camera on to my iPad. I can download my still photos but how to download my movies? Have searched and researched but am not sure how to do this? Thanks. CM
  4. CMFox

    Travel sims in Italy and France

    Did you TIM card go into an iPad 1 or 2? And what part of Italy were you traveling in. We're going to be in the Northern part far south as Tuscany & Florence...flying into Pisa. I'm also confused by people in older posts talking about having to trim a sim card to fit in an...
  5. CMFox

    Want to use my IPAD in Italy

    We are too fortunate enough to be going to Italy this September. We also want to use our ipad (#1, 3g-wifi) as a navigation device, browser, web access, etc. (Do the map apps work in Italy? Ie do they have Italian maps?) We will be driving some & taking the train some. Pardon my American...
  6. CMFox

    Pogo Stylus problems-writing names

    I have a new Intuit GoPayment swiper to use with my iPad at shows. I want to let my customers use my Pogo Stylus to sign their names. But I find it doesn't work very well....fingers work immediately...the stylus doesn't seem to start until the end of the last name. These are "old" stylus...
  7. CMFox


    iCloud.....MobileMe? I need to sign up for MobileMe again. Its been marginally useful so I'm on the fence about signing up again. Is iCloud sorta like it cheaper? I'm trying to sort out the reality vs the hype of the ANNOUNCEMENT. CM
  8. CMFox

    my ipad wont turn on

    Plug it in and let it recharge.
  9. CMFox

    The Daily Finally Arrives in the US App Store

    Not letting this toxic sh*tsky on my nice iPad. Murdoch hates America, loves to make dups of us with his FauxNews. No way is he getting his nasty paws on my nice iPad. I'll pass.
  10. CMFox

    Rupert Murdoch and Apple’s Eddy Cue to Launch The Daily for iPad Next Week

    Oh goody. We get to have faux news on our iPad. Think I'll pass.
  11. CMFox

    You noticed these dumping of prices of Applications ?

    I wish ebooks would take that route. Back to the library for me.
  12. CMFox

    I pad cases

  13. CMFox

    Downloading Movies? how long?

    What the download page is telling me is: "1.87gb of 1.87gb - processing file" I think its hung up somewhere. I'm going to pust stop and see if I can get it going again? THanks. CM
  14. CMFox

    Downloading Movies? how long?

    I am downloading a movie to my Mac to transfer over on my iPad-to watch on a plane trip. I get apx 1mbps in download time. I am bad at math. How long should a 1.87gb movie take to download? I've been at it now for over 12 hours. (Gawd I hope I didn't click to down load the hd movie...that...
  15. CMFox

    Official Ipad Case

    Or on the flip side...the case is wonderful keep it. I have had mine since early summer...yes it does get smudges on it...a damp cloth cleans them off. Its sturdy, slim, AND! has protection for the corners of the iPad should you drop it. I've yet to see another case that protects the corners...
  16. CMFox

    does ipad support java and flash?

    iPad does not have flash....Steve Jobs doesn't like flash. There may be an app that will allow the iPad News for info on it. The jury is still out if it works or not. hth CM
  17. CMFox

    Verizon won't sell an Ipad without a social security #

    As a Verizon customer I too find this odd. Ww've never had to give out our SS #. And I too would be reluctant and more then a little pissed if they insisted on it. I'd at least check with Verizon to see if this is indeed their policy or if the clerk had a side biz.
  18. CMFox

    theft proof case for shows?

    I love the looks of it, but that is really spendy! Thanks for sharing.
  19. CMFox

    apple ipad slim case equivalent

    Yes I do like the case. One thing I look at with other cases when I am tempted by different colors, is the corner protections. The apple case is solid with a "flange" all around the edges and corners. I have the theory that a dropped iPad always will land on its corner and I want that part in...
  20. CMFox

    apple ipad slim case equivalent

    Has your roommate used one? I've had my iPad in one since June. Its been all over the country, jammed into a bag, pulled out, used with greasy fingers....passed around...and the Apple case still looks great. I expected some wear and tear after the way I abuse it...but other then a few finger...
  21. CMFox

    ATT the worst-just ask their customers...

    Here's an interesting, tho hardly suprising article from on ATT. Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Consumer Reports cell-service Ratings: AT&T is the worst carrier
  22. CMFox


    I have checked the past threads... am wondering what is the best portable speaker for my iPad? I'm hoping for under $100. I haven't kept up with what's being made and released. Anyone have a favorite? Thanks. CM
  23. CMFox

    A question for Mac users

    Can't help you. I have the iMac wireless mouse and its sucha please to right, left click and scroll without wheels and wires, I'd never go back. CM
  24. CMFox

    Need advice on buying now

    Remember you aren't signing a 2 year contract...but just going month to month with ATT. You can cancel and start again a few months later. I have a 3g and wouldn't recommend going without it. We use it in strange towns when we are trying to track down stores, coffee places, restaurants. I...
  25. CMFox

    Mass delete from iPhoto on iPad

    Good idea! Thank you. CM
  26. CMFox

    Mass delete from iPhoto on iPad

    After upgrading to 4.2, I find my iPad now has ALL my photos from my computer, 2000+. I don't want all those photos on my iPad. I tried resyncing and selecting just the photos I wanted....but it left all the other photos on the iPad. How does one get these off my iPad without doing it one...
  27. CMFox

    Did You Have Problems with iOS 4.2 Update?

    On try #4 it finally worked....6pmish west coast time. I guess enough people went to dinner or bed, that I could finally get in. Once downloaded it hung-up on the syncing. I had to turn things off, unplug, from my mac, replug into electricity (tho I had 98% battery charge) and replug into my...
  28. CMFox

    can't download 4.2, why?

    Thanks. I thought I had waited long enough...I waited a day....sigh. CM
  29. CMFox

    can't download 4.2, why?

    I'm on a Mac....I have restarted it & I did the same for the iPad & I made sure all my software is updated. I don't think I have an antivirus program...:o At least not that I can remember. CM
  30. CMFox

    Did You Have Problems with iOS 4.2 Update?

    From my post on another thread: I have now tried to download 4.2 3x. It appears to be downloading fine all the way to the end....551.4MB worth of download and then I get this error message: "The software for the Ipad was corrupted during download. Disconnect & reconnect and then try again.blah...
  31. CMFox

    can't download 4.2, why?

    Stoopid question on top of stoopid question. I can do this download but is it the SAME 4.2? Its not an official Apple site. THanks. CM
  32. CMFox

    can't download 4.2, why?

    You may have answered excuse me if I don't yet understand. I have now tried to download 4.2 3x. It appears to be downloading fine all the way to the end....551.4MB worth of download and then I get this error message. "The software for the Ipad was corrupted during download...
  33. CMFox

    Anywhere to buy iPad tax free?

    Oregon has no sales tax. Have any Oregon friends? CM
  34. CMFox

    iTunes Announcement Scheduled for Tomorrow

    Really? You're kidding.
  35. CMFox

    Photos: What apps are you using to sort them?

    I have Photo-Sort..the problem I find is that it is difficult to reorder the photos within the folders. I've read the faqs, the info....but can't find out you do that. Is it missing that feature or am I missing something? CM
  36. CMFox

    3g help needed

    You may not be configured right, I leave that to the more knowledgeable to help you. My experience with ATT 3G is that they lie. I've traveled a lot of the midwest and west and find the ATT 3g coverage at best spotty. Check and see if in the upper left hand corner you are getting the 3G icon...
  37. CMFox

    What book are you reading?

    Rocket Boys, by Homer Hickam Got interested after watching him talk during the Chile miners' rescue. Great book. Good writer. CM
  38. CMFox

    What book are you reading?

    And lets give a big welcoming call-out to all our fellow iPad users in France, Quebec and other french speaking parts of the world. This is an international forum. Do you really want to generalize like this? CM
  39. CMFox

    iPad tunes ti iPod nano?

    Is it possible (and easy) to transfer music from my iPad to a iPod nano? I need some music moved over and am away from my mother ship iMac computer. Thanks CM
  40. CMFox

    Case or no case?

    Make that 2. I have & love the Apple case. It is much abused by me but it still looks great and has protected my iPad wonderfully. CM