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  1. iPadBiz

    Mapping App

    I've come to know this forum as expert for my iPad addiction so I'm hoping for a suggestion from one of the bright contributors. On my PC I use a program called Microsoft Streets and Trips. Its a handy program for importing a list of addresses from a spreadsheet and dropping them as pins on a...
  2. iPadBiz

    Demonstration Mode

    That's what I was afraid of. I talked with one of my friends who works at the apple store. He was telling me that they use a special output cable. He told me in confidence that if you had someone who was uber knowledgeable on the 30 pin device they could build a cable..
  3. iPadBiz

    Demonstration Mode

    I am doing a training presentation to some co-workers in a couple of weeks and want to export the display of my iPad to an external video source like a projector. Basically I want to do exactly what Apple does during their product launch keynotes. Does anyone know of this is possible either...
  4. iPadBiz

    No More iOS 4.3 Multitouch Gestures For iPad? Apple Taketh!

    Why is this shocking? They did the same thing with iOS4 to developers, removing print, multitasking etc throughout the various beta's.
  5. iPadBiz

    Are you on your iPad now? Where?

    Sofa.. Hotel in Chicago
  6. iPadBiz

    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Well. There are are multiple office type apps other than quick office HD. Another one is called Docs To Go.
  7. iPadBiz

    can I watch an iTunes video before download is fully complete

    You have yo remember this is not true multitasking. This is a suspended state where the app architecture allows some apps to run in the suspended state. To answer your question.. No you can't watch a video until it finishes downloading. The final step to any iTunes purchase is to verify the...
  8. iPadBiz

    targus bluetooth presenter

    I just tried today. No luck. I tried on a couple of remotes I have in my office. I know there are bluetooth remotes in existence. Wondering I'd you could pair one with it to make that work. Honestly I'm surprised that the keynote remote app for the iPhone can't work with the iPad version.
  9. iPadBiz

    Lost music since update?

    Good luck with that.. Aren't the apps backed up through iTunes?
  10. iPadBiz


    The printer is shared on the network. Is there something more within Bonjour that I need to set this up to print??
  11. iPadBiz

    4.2 Update/Airplane mode

    Try reboot.
  12. iPadBiz

    Number missing from mail icon after OS upgrade

    That's odd. Not happening on mine. Did you try a re-boot?
  13. iPadBiz

    Need to remote control my Ipad from my desktop

    I don't believe this exists in the App store. There are options on JB devices though.
  14. iPadBiz

    Why All The Restrictions

    Its an issue of user experience and building an empire. EVERYTHING Apple does down to the last detail feeds the bottom line and grows their business. That said it doesn't always make sense to the "end user" as we all are but ultimately their decisions to do things and not do things are based on...
  15. iPadBiz


    I'm still getting this error. Bonjor installed. On Windows 7. Any thoughts?
  16. iPadBiz

    Selectively show mail images

    It's all or nothing.
  17. iPadBiz

    Can't have spell check without autocorrect

    Nope. You must hit the x. I was hoping that iOS 4.2 would bring an add to dictionary feature. According to apple hitting the X will add the word. Not always the case. I type a lot of proper names for product lines and it was getting annoying. Because the iPad uses your contact list as a...
  18. iPadBiz

    New to ipad and everything Mac

    Start with the iPad. There is never a bad time to get one. I am basically a PC user (my company operates on PC) however the iPad exists very nicely side by side. As a business tool it's an amazing tool. Make sure to check out dropbox. It almost acts as a "my documents" for your iPad that can...
  19. iPadBiz

    Display date

    I believe there's a way but you must be jailbroken.
  20. iPadBiz

    Wow xm ????

    I use this all the time on the iPad.. Be careful on 3G unless you have an unlimited plan (grandfathered plan). This thing sucks up a ton of mb's.. Obviously wifi works great.
  21. iPadBiz

    New iPad owner with a couple of questions

    Hard reset.. Hold lock and home at the same time until it shuts down.. Then follow standard startup procedures. Tom Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. iPadBiz

    targus bluetooth presenter

    Just curious... Have you tried using a USB presenter with the camera connection kit? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. iPadBiz

    How do I go back to 3.2?

    Since this thread is turning into an apple bashing thread I will go back to the original question... Do a google search for iPad iOS 3.2 mirror and you will find a link to download. There are several of these floating around the net. If you have a problem PM me and I'll send you some info...
  24. iPadBiz

    Apple ID problem

    Yep.. Once you've purchased you can always re-download. You have to use his account though. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. iPadBiz

    Comcast mail

    If your going in via browser you should pick up either iCab or Atomic. Both are a better browsing experience than Safari. Don't forget to change your browser in settings to something other than mobile safari.
  26. iPadBiz

    Running Out of Memory

    As soon as you change what you sync it will remove all music and replace with what you've chosen to sync on your next backup.
  27. iPadBiz

    Virus on my iPad?

    This is going to sound funny.. Turn off your blue tooth. See if that fixes the problem.
  28. iPadBiz

    Case with Notepad

    Please do.. Very interested...
  29. iPadBiz

    Running Out of Memory

    I had the same problem. The best way is to set up specific playlists on iTunes on your PC or Mac and then set iTunes to ONLY sync those playlists rather than sync the entire music library.
  30. iPadBiz

    How to stop iPad from asking me to log into iTunes?

    Something that you purchased has not completely downloaded yet. Use iTunes On your PC or Mac and click on check for new purchases. Then sync your iPad. This should fix your problem.
  31. iPadBiz

    Lost music since update?

    Same here... Sync took about 10 seconds and all was fine.
  32. iPadBiz

    Atomic Web browser problem

    You can turn these gestures off in settings. Or better yet re-configure and customize them.
  33. iPadBiz

    Lost music since update?

    This happened to me too. What was weird was when I looked in iPod is showed no music. When I opened settings>general>about it still showed all my songs were there. Hopefully a resync will fix the issue.
  34. iPadBiz

    No more landscape - portrait lock after 4.2

    Double click the home button and slide ribbon to the right. That is where the screen lock is now. You will also see sliders for volume and brightness. The switch on the side is now a mute control. Apple did this to make the hardware align with iPhone that never had a screen lock switch.
  35. iPadBiz

    Case with Notepad

    Well.. Here is the problem. I'm an field sales rep. I'm using my iPad to show photos, presentations, videos and datasheets. Typically in my meetings the iPad is sitting on the customer's desk/conference room table with them interacting with it. That said I can't take notes on it while...
  36. iPadBiz

    can't download 4.2, why?

    I think most of these issues can be attributed to network congestion and general client Internet issues. Try over the next 48 hours after the initial push to download.
  37. iPadBiz

    Netflix and 4.2

    Nope. Running just fine. They put out an pday last week I believe. Make sure you are using the current version of the app. If that doesn't work try remove and redownload from the AppStore.
  38. iPadBiz

    IPad 4.2 Synced problem

    Check your antivirus software. Turn off and try to resync. If that doesn't work try to do a uninstall of iTunes and re-download and install.
  39. iPadBiz

    Ver 4 folders

    Drag app over another app.
  40. iPadBiz

    Any easy way to really close an app in 4.2.1?

    Double click home button When multitask ribbon appears hold icon of app you want to close Hit the x (same as if you were deleting the app on the home screen) The app is closed Demo here: