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  1. Shadow Catcher

    iFlash drive

    I note that Photo Fast has a flash drive for iPad iPhone using the older connector and assume (I know always dangerous) they will make them in the lightening connector. I hate planned obsolescence but since I have a iPAD 4 Oh Well. The prospect of paying way too much for what you can get for a...
  2. Shadow Catcher

    Need help with a case, if possible

    I am ASD identified, (aspergers), and a social worker, so fully sympathise. How about bilding a table that will incorporate but protect? Obviously not much can protect from blunt force trauma which means limiting access to movable blunt objects. What are you doing to help him self sooth, i.e. a...
  3. Shadow Catcher

    Stealth iPad case, that does not look like one

    I ended up buying an HP padded case that is non descrip and that will acomidate the ZAGG keyboard. I realise there is a pride of toy with these things, but they also get stolen a lot.
  4. Shadow Catcher

    Does apple deserve such a loyal customer fan base?? YES or NO? POLL

    The inability to use, for example a conventional jump drive, or connect with things like a GPS through blue tooth with out jail breaking... and yes over priced.
  5. Shadow Catcher

    Ipad 4 iTunes music video sync issue

    Cleo You have to enable Wi-Fi syncing with iTunes on your computer using a cable and click "sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi"
  6. Shadow Catcher

    iPad to Garmin

    I would like to be able to use my Garmin nuvi 2460 to feed the GPS function of the iPad and it is listed as being compatible. There are many places in the US and Canada where cell coverage is nonexistent. We overheard one young lady asking how to get out of Big Basin Redwoods state park because...
  7. Shadow Catcher


    I had the same problem and in reality unless you have a backup to restore from the only alternative that I know of is to to a computer restore/revert (I am assuming Windows) which does away with the icloud changes.
  8. Shadow Catcher


    What happens when you try to connect? You probably will need to find the security/password for you router, you will probably have to access the router manual (on line?).
  9. Shadow Catcher

    Charging Cables

    DC Voltage drop in wire (particularly small wire) is much greater than in AC, the reason the charging cord is so short, and the reason an extension cord on the DC side charges more slowly.
  10. Shadow Catcher

    Can USB Adapter be used to transfer File on to IPAD?

    The camera adapter allows you to read the memory card in the camera, what would prevent you from loading files on to the camera card?
  11. Shadow Catcher

    How long does it take to charge ipad4?

    One thing I notice is that it does not seem to charge when on or uses more power than tha charger supplies?
  12. Shadow Catcher

    Stealth iPad case, that does not look like one

    I will be getting one of the Logitech ultra thin keyboard/case and would like to find a stealth case that does not shout steal me, to protect the lash-up. I am a big fan of out of sight out of mind, make it look uninteresting. As an example I use a hard sided brief case as a camera carrier, it...
  13. Shadow Catcher

    Can not down load apps

    One thing to remember is that I am totally unfamiliar with how this is supposed to look, so I was mistaken. Ignorance is curable and I am working on it :)
  14. Shadow Catcher

    So How do you like the new iPad dad Those that get to know me will find out by sense of humor is a bit...
  15. Shadow Catcher

    Can not down load apps

    Finally figured out what the problem was, to put it nicely too heavy a touch, a light tap seems to do the trick.
  16. Shadow Catcher

    Can not down load apps

    Brand spanking new i Pad 2 16 gig I have not been able to down load any apps. All of the buttons a grayed out. Have done a reboot a couple of times, no luck.
  17. Shadow Catcher

    New to Mac and iPad

    Greetings Long term PC user who won an i Pad at the dentist office. We (my wife and I) are the owners of a large teardrop trailer and love to camp. We had been talking about something less space consuming than the lap top when traveling and the i Pad fills that bill. We also have a tandem bike...