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    Can't sync my music from PC to iPad or iPhone

    I had several cd's of music in iTunes on my PC plus 1 song I purchased from the store. All the music was on my iPhone 4S and iPad. When I replaced the 4s with a 5s and did sync and restore only the purchased song showed on either device. I can see the other music in iTunes but when I try to add...
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    Looking for an aux antenna...

    Here's a link for cellphone signal boosters. One of them should fill your need: Cell Phone Accessories  - Signal Boosters - Shop at - Page 1
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    Charging iPad 3 via USB

    One option you can look at is an application from your motherboard maker to increase the amperage on the USB ports. MSI has one called Super-Charger and I believe Gigabyte has one also.
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    How Do I Sell My Orig iPad 32Gb Wi-Fi 3G?

    Both BestBuy and Radio Shack have trade-in programs. BestBuy gives you a BestBuy gift card and Radio Shack applies trade-in value to a purchase.
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    Not charging with pc

    Some computer motherboard manufacturers have a utility to increase the output of their USB ports to facilitate iPad charging--MSI and Gigabyte are 2 that I know of.
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    Connecting ipad to home computer

    You may want to look at "splashtop" in the You can run things on your PC from your iPad, even splash-based material which Ipad's don't support.
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    What's my iPad 2 worth ?

    FYI, Radio Shack also has a trade-in program. It's a little less than BB's but you don't have to send it in and wait for a gift card.
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    Connect Ipad to TV

    For the best picture quality you need to use on of these: Apple Digital AV Adapter - Apple Store (U.S.), assuming your TV has HDMI connections; or this:Apple TV - Buy the New Apple TV with 1080p HD - Apple Store (U.S.)
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    Backup and restore question.

    Thanks, twerppoet, renaming the old phone, backing up and restoring worked fine w/o affecting the new phone. BTW, the unlock of the old phone worked fine.
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    How do I use FaceTime on my iPad to make a video call 2 a iPhone

    Your sister will need to have a newer iPhone, i.e. 4 or 4s, that has a front camera if you want to see her. Otherwise, if she has to use only a rear camera you will see her but she won't see you.
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    Backup and restore question.

    Please forgive me for posting this question regarding an iPhone in this forum. I posted this question in the iPhone forum but have not received any answers. I am asking here because of its vast pool of knowledge and I believe the same question would apply to iPads.<br><br>AT&amp;T sent me...
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    I meant iPhone, not iPod. You are probably right about the iPad--I haven't tried it w/my new "3" yet.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    My MSI seems at least as fast if not faster than the iPhone charger.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    I have a home-built PC using an MSI motherboard. MSI has a utility that works w/some of their motherboards called "SuperCharger". It increases the amperage enough to charge my iPad.
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    New iPad + Apple Digital AV Adapter + HBO Go/Netflix

    I just tried HBO Go--it does not work. Netflix works, but only the Netflix logo is displayed until you start playing something, then the video starts.
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    USB cable not charging the new iPad even though I'm using the factory 10W charger

    There are some old threads in the "General Discussions" forum about the charging cables. Long story short, even Apple cables that came w/an iPhone would not charge an iPad. I'm not sure that's still the case. It may have been limited to a particular production run of the cables. Probably still...
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    New Ipad....but

    I did it the way gmotmot said it in his first post, from a series 1/16GB to a series 3/64GB--painless.
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    HP Wireless Keyboard and the IPad 2

    If it's a Bluetooth type that doesn't require a USB dongle it should work. I don't know if there will be any functionality limitations though.
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    Composite/ Component AV cables

    Try connecting to the red, blue and green in that order and see if one of them will work for you. I did that w/my TV and it worked.
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    Composite/ Component AV cables

    Depending on your TV, they may not be "incompatible". I have a VCR composite output connected to one of the component video inputs on my TV. I don't recall which input offhand, though (i.e. red, green or blue) but I think it's the red one. Try connecting yours and see if it works. You can't hurt...
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    Ipad Songs

    You can remove it in iTunes then sync.
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    QR Codes - just discovered yet another use for the iPad!

    I find that Red Laser captures much faster than QR Codes on my iPhone. I have an iPad1 so am unable to scan.
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    Does Apple have a buy back policy/program?

    I don't know if this will fill the bill or not, but you may want to try the Splashtop Streamer app for the flash-based games. I use it to read mags and web pages that use flash--works pretty well. You install a small app on your PC, in your case the Dell laptop, and another on the iPad. You have...
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    iPad to TV....what will play?

    You are right, I got the 2 confused. One of these days I will understand more about 'i" stuff (I'm a Windows guy). I was referring to connecting my iPad1 to a HDTV via the Apple HDMI/USB connector.
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    iPad to TV....what will play?

    I installed "" on my iPad1 per the instructions--went w/o a hitch. The mirroring does seem to work. Oddly, HBOGo doesn't mirror for me, though. ABC works fine and the...
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    iOS5 update fails

    The update process fails with an error msg. that there was a problem w/the restore process. My PC is running Win7/64 and updated to iOS5 w/o a problem. My iPad (original, 16 GB Wi-Fi) syncs fine but no update for me. I'm apparently out of warranty so any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Connect iPad to TV via WiFi without Apple TV

    I think I read that iOS5 will allow mirroring of all apps. It's due for release on Oct 12. If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will have the right scoop.
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    New installation of iTunes

    Yes it did. Thanks again.
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    New installation of iTunes

    Many thanks. Sorry it took so long to reply.
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    New installation of iTunes

    I just put a new hard drive in my PC and installed the most recent iTunes version on it. When I went to sync my iPad it said that my iPad was currently synced to another iTunes "library". Is there a way for me to transfer the library from my old drive to the new one?
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    Using ipad while on charge !

    Nice to hear from you. Add me to the ones who will miss your contributions on the Tivo upgrades site.
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    Using ipad while on charge !

    As an aside, I recently found out that some MSI motherboards have a utilty to increase USB power enough to recharge iPads, iPhones and iPods. It can be found on their "downloads" site.
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    How do i delete the installed application?

    Press on the application's icon until it starts to wiggle. On the top left will be an X sign within a circle. Press on it and it will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the app. Confirm, and then it's gone.
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    Below is a link for a BT keyboard/case combo for $40. It looks and sounds a lot like my Kensington model. Even the reviews sound the same as when I was researching a while back before I bought mine. Some reviewers say that they have to enter the pairing code each time they turn on the keyboard...
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    Is a wireless keyboard worth getting?

    I've been using the Kensington model for a while--works very well.
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    Ipad not charging

    By chance are you using the cord that came w. an Ipod? They look the same but an Ipod cord doesn't work properly w/an Ipad.
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    Currently the Apple TV outputs only 720p but I have read that you can jailbreak them and up the output resolution to 1080p ("full HD").