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    emails missing?

    can anyone help here please? I have my email account ( btinternet) synced to ipad from my pc. generally it works fine but occasionally i find there is a message missing for no apparent reason! Its like a private email ( say, from another address) & it shows up on my PC ( running...
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    what use is youtube app?

    Im trying to get one of these Chromecast gizmos to work on my TV. Ive got it to sort of work with my very basic lg smartphone but I cant seem to get ipad to work at all! I was told I should download youtube app to try it but after doing so I find I have a completly useless app! It only shows 3...
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    skype video call, not?

    How can i make a video call on Skype when on ipad? When I open the app, there is no option to make a video call! I can make one np using my pc but seems a different interface on ipad? This is weird 'cos my brother who has an older ipad can do this! (ipad4, IOS7)
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    itunes has photo seletion greyed out?

    I want to import some but not all photos from my ipad to my pc but when I go to the photos section in itunes the box to tick for "selection" is greyed out! I can only import ALL the photos - which I do not want. Is there any way I can make a selection or do I have to just import all & then...
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    blocking emails?

    is there any way to set ipad to reject junk emails? i can do this on my pc by simply highlighting the email & clicking " add sender to blocked list" but I cant see how to do this on ipad. Im getting swamped with junk emails!
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    should I do next "upgrade"?

    when I upgraded my ipad 4 to IOS7 I was very disappointed with the way the machine ran. Ive ( unfortunately) just had to get used to things such as now dreadful battery life, poor wifi, dismal graphics so Im very wary of doing this new upgrade - V7.4? am I likely to find this restricts my use...
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    using a tv as a bigger monitor for ipad?

    I often use my LG tv to watch internet content such as bbc iplayer etc via an adaptor cable I bought from Amazon. This all works well until today when I tried to watch Nigella's new program "the Taste" using 4OD ( for which of course I had to download an app because the normal 4OD works thru...
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    Can I tuRn off pull up.

    Is thre any way to disable the annoying pull up menu that I often pull up by accident now the ipad is using ios7?
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    internet search behaving oddly on ipad3

    my ipad has started behaving very oddly when I do a google search! If I type in a search , google displays the results as normal but when I click on one I am directed to an app relating to this! EG I was searching for a tv show & when I clicked on the link to a webpage ( not app store!) the tv...
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    Deleting a saved video?

    Is It possible & if so how to delete a video that has been saved to ipad. I saved a mission impossible ( irony in the title?) field to my ipad to watch while on holiday a while back. I watched it but now I'm trying to free up a bit of space & I can't find any way to delete it?
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    Reset App Store search with ios7?

    Since I have ios 7 when I now go to App Store, I have one app details that I was looking at but I am now unable to get rid of it & get back to the search. Do I have to download it & then uninstall it to get back to search ? Seems a convoluted way to do things now.
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    setting wallpaper in ios7?

    I seem to be having problems setting a photo as my walpaper on ipad now sine I have ios7. The button to "set as wallpaper" is grayed out & the photos are a bad fit now. this used to be a realy slick & simple operation, why have Apple messed things up so much?
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    some links dont open now?

    since "upgrading" to IOS7, my ipad now will not open many Google links when I click on them? Is this just a feature now?
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    why can't I page back?

    sometimes when searching on google on ipad, if I go to a webpage I can see no way to return to the search page & have to press the home button & re enter the search! is this a fault or is this just anger "apple" way of doing things. It's quite annoying,
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    radar in clock?

    I looked at the clock that comes with ipad & see something called radar at the bottom, what exactly does this mean?
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    here's some more ios7 problems,

    sometimes if I'm searching google the page I'm on just vanishes & wham! I'm back on the home page! Another cool thing it messes up is remembering usernames & passwords! even in this site I now have to sign in every time I come here if I close down after a session! Really Apple, you should...
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    change page header colour?

    ok, have to accept Im sadly stuck with this IOS7 "upgrade" on my ipad 3 but can anyone tell me why the page header ( search bar - address bar I dont know its correct name!) has turned black? Last night it was white! Doesnt really bother me but Im wondering how I did this? Seems a lot of the...
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    + button?

    what use is the + button in the top right now? all it does is take you to 4 icons Disney, football apple & something else! any way to change these or disable it so it's not there & maybe something more useful instead?
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    ipad wont update?

    My settings icon had a red 1 next to it so I looked at the settings & it said an update was available but when I click ok it tells me it cannot update as there is no internet connection. This is not true tho as I am right next to my router & have a great wifi signal! It also says this update is...
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    saving songs from Internet?

    just downloaded ( or thought i did!) a song from a site to ipad but I can't seem to find it anywhere now! where would it be, I thought it would automatically go to music but no! Is this just another thing that is a fuss to do on ipad?
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    reading PDF offline?

    I've book armed the instructions for my mobile phone on the iPads desktop but I'd like to be able to somehow save it so I can read it even tho I'm offline - is this possible on ipad?
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    stop mobile sites opening?

    any easy way to set ipad up so that "mobile" versions of websites do not open automatically? I know some have the desktop version available by clicking a button but I find this very annoying! I assume the ipad is sending a signal of some sort along with the website request telling it to open the...
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    problem updating app

    not an ipad problem really but maybe someone knows? I opened chrome on ipad today & got an offer to upgrade to latest version, I clicked ok but when the App Store opened I got a window saying I was in US site & had to login to UK App Store to upgrade. How do I do this? If I click on my App Store...
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    apps & refunds?

    I've yet to pay for a app on ipad but was wondering if there is any way to gain a refund if it doesn't work? I have downloaded several free ones that don't work so I'd be annoyed at paying for something that doesn't work! I've also found several of the so called free ones are simply time...
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    ipad as a tool?

    is there any way I could use ipad as a tool such as one to unlock mobile phones? I know you can do this with a PC but having the ipad able to do so would be really useful!
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    Possible to edit address bar?

    I'm trying to use an app I downloaded that allows flash to work on ipad but one of the instructions is to delete everything before a word in the address bar. I can't see any way to do this on ipad! It's dead easy on a PC, you just move the mouse pointer to where you want but I can't see anything...
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    deleting stuff from settings?

    how do you delete things from settings? I know how to delete apps ( well the ones you are allowed to!) but I have a few VPN programs I downloaded but want rid of now ( they either didnt work or wanted money despite claiming to be "free" !) however despite removing the icons from the desktop...
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    ipad & facebook?

    when I send a photo or make a post on FB with my ipad it always says under the post/photo " sent via IOS" is there any way to stop this? ( i like to determine what I have on my posts!):rolleyes:
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    problem with this site & others on ipad?

    Ive found this site ( & a few others) load in a different format when I go to them on my ipad! The website is pretty useless actually then - its as if most of the options are missing & its very difficult to navigate around to find or post anything! Is there some way to make the websites look...
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    Turn off ipads visibility?

    I often find I cannot watch videos on YouTube because it says the video has not been enabled for mobile devices. Howdoes youtube knows am using a ipad? Can I turn off whatever is showing ipAd as mobile device so the site thinks I am using a PC & therefore will allow metro watch whatever I want?
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    Reading emails?

    Is there any way to show an open email message in full screen or does the list always have to be shown on the left side? Thanks
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    bluetooth connection?

    anyone tell me how I can "send by bluetooth" on the ipad? I see it has got bluetooth but I cant see any options to make use of it! Id like to send some photos, sounds etc to my Bluetooth enabled mobile phone.:thumbs:
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    help! cant sync videos!

    I took several videos on a gopro hero2 camera when I was skiing. Ive managed to transfer them to the ipad surprisingly easily! I used one of the SD card adaptors. Now I want to copy them to my PC but when I connect with the cable, all I get ( ive opened itunes) is a list of music! One search on...
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    hero2 camera

    im off on holiday tomorrow & was wondering if there is some simple ( that would be a first, LOL!) way to connect my Hero2 headcam to my ipad to view the footage I intend to take while skiing? (The camera has an HDMI socket) I have an adapter to connect ipad's socket to an hdmi cable ( I use this...
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    kindle books on ipad?

    is it possible to somehow put Kindle books on ipad? I have 100's of kindle books on my pc & was wondering if there was some way to send them? If so how? Ive heard of people using ipad as an ereader but maybe they had to buy new books from somewhere? Im also wondering if such a thing is a good...
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    wifi storage devices for ipad?

    Im still exploring my ipads workings & have been told a good accessory is a wifi storage device. Can anyone tell me a bit about these? Like can they act as an interface between my pc & ipad to transfer files etc instead of going thru the long winded itunes method? & which would be the best one...
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    "Free" magazine apps?

    What are all these free magazine apps that are in App Store? I've tried to download several but it seems that they are not in fact free at all! Why are they permitted to tell such lies?
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    sending emails from ipad?

    is there some setting I need to make to enable ipad to send mail? I seem to receive mail ok ( although it sometimes takes a long time to appear compared to PC!) but when I try to send an email I get a message saying "the sender address was rejected by the server" my isp is BT & my email address...
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    photo help?

    managed to sync my photos fairly easily to ipad ( unlike my videos!) however I cannot seem to find any way to delete a photo? I have found edit ok but am I missing the obvious? Surely you arent stuck with photos you dont want for ever?That could be extremely embarrassing to say the least!:(
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    copy dvd to ipad- not digital?

    Ive been reading a little about how to copy a dvd to ipad. I see the dvd has to be a digital copy - Im a little confused here - are most dvd's analogue then? I always thought they were digital from the onset? is there not an easy way to simply plug ipad into the computer, copy the dvd to...