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  1. J

    Battery versus power

    If I leave the iPad p Urged into power for a long times, will my battery be ok? I am trying not to have so many charges that the battery will degrade. What I mean is, is it ok to use the iPad on power for hours and if so will that have no effect on the long term life of the battery? J
  2. J

    Transfer jpg to ipad2

    Is there an easy way to transfer pictures to and from a compact camera (memory card) to the iPad 2? I am thinking of doing this on travel vacation.
  3. J

    Keeping songs in an ablum?

    S there a waytobe keep all the songs in an opera in one album when bringing the opera into iTunes . Also a big problem with my doctors new Orleans 4 disk compilation .
  4. J

    Voice control

    How does voice control work in iOS 5?