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    itunes crash adding videos

    Not sure what happen i had my videos in a folder on the iPad 2. i have windows 7 everything was working fine now i can't sync any new videos, everytime i try adding i get this message. iTunes has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. windows will close and...
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    Sync Photos

    Hope someone can help. I been sync named photos folder without any trouble. i have version 4.3.4. Now when i try and sync new photo folder for album it does not appear. pictures show up in events but no folder. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks. Update: Solved Would have deleted...
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    App stopped working

    What can you do if an app stops working? I dowload Puffin last week and been working great until now. web pages will no longer open.. i sync with pc but a no go. Safari work fine. Thanks.
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    Is it free or subsription

    I read that The Daily requires a subsription but on apple store it says free. How can you tell which require subsription or it's really free? Thanks.
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    With the wifi only iPad how do you pick it up when using public free wifi access? Thanks.
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    iTunes and Credit Card

    I did a search if this has been asked before i missed it. When you go to download a free apps on itunes for first time it keeps asking for credit card information. Is this normal? I seen no way around it for free apps. Thank you.
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    What is name of this apps?

    I do not have this stylus nor do i work for them. But it does look cool. Does anyone know the name of this Apple app that is used in the video? Thanks a lot.
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    itunes for first time

    I'm not familiar with itunes or the iPad, do i need to go ahead and install itunes on pc now or wait and sync iPad first time on pc then download? Also should i go ahead and open an account? Did a search but if it was there i missed it. Thanks for any information about this.
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    ipad2 Case

    I really like this case. But might be too expensive for me. Anyone have this one? Or where i might find a case similar? I guess a case with magnet is safe for the iPad since the Apple smart case has magnets. Thanks
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    Home Button

    Does the iPad 2 have one? is this considered the on/off button? Thanks.
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    16GB, 32GB, or 64GB

    Which do you plan on buying? I am still undecided. maybe the 32GB. Update: Sorry i meant 32GB, could not figure how to change or delete. Maybe a mod can correct this. Thanks.
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    Maybe Soon

    Technolog - Confirmed: Apple's iPad 2 unveiling next Wednesday
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    Can you reformat the iPad

    How do you clean the HD after downloading and deleting apps. Can it be reformatted?
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    Smart Phone & iPad

    Sorry if this is wrong thread to post. Do most or all of you have a smart phone as well as an iPad? Thanks.
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    iPad and Smart Phone

    Does the Apple iPad case scratch the finish?
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    Downloading Apps

    I find lots of good free apps on apple store can you download and save to your pc and synch with the ipad later? Thanks.
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    ipad Hackers

    Just seen this. iPad hackers face criminal charges from AT&T website exploit - Jan. 18, 2011
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    Chat Rooms

    Can anyone tell me if Skyfire is installed will it work with chat rooms requiring flash?
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    I don't have an ipad but hope to but not sure when. Can anyone tell me if the calendar on the ipad will alert you when you specify a specific date? Thanks.
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    Great forum. And lots of info.