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    Itunes 10.6 safe for jailbreak devices?

    I have an iPad 2 with ios 5.0.1 jailbreak done. Is it safe to update iTunes to 10.6 and iCloud utility too?
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    Curious behavior

    With my iPad 2 and Absinthe jailbreak, since I have updated Synchronize 2, whenever I install any new app, I get white icons appearing after the new installation. These white icons are Adsheet, Configuration, DataActivation, FieldTest and iOS Diagnostics. They look like Apple configuration...
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    Why sharing data connection is now free with my iPad2?

    Hi, I own an iPad 2 Wifi jailbreak with Absinthe. I also have an iPhone4 which is also jailbreak with redsnow. I found out that when I use Bluetooth on my iPad 2 to use the shared connection with my iPhone, my data is not increasing anymore on the used data for cellular plan under shared...
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    sbsettings app for iPad?

    I' a happy owner of a 64GB iPad2 with Absinthe jailbreak 0.3. When setting up my Cydia apps, I have downloaded sbsettings and found out it was made for the iphone screen. Is it because I did not choose the right package sources? Does sbsettings have a iPad app (full screen)?
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    Hi guys. I had posted in a thread before introducing myself, sorry about that. Great site you have here.