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    I knew I wasn't crazy! There is a problem with some WiFi only iPads! Apple investigating new iPad WiFi issues, tells AppleCare to replace affected units
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    Reboot to fix networking?

    Have had to reboot my device when switching WAP's. anyone else have this issue?
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    Cleaning of the leather smart cover

    I took the leather case back and got the poly one. Just seemed better feeling and easier to clean.
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    Zagg screen protector

    Hmm I really only paid attention to camera position. It went on smoothly, doesn't cover the camera and doesn't
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    Zagg screen protector

    I purchased a screenshot editor for my new iPad, I got the iPad 2 protector because of the anti glare anti smudge. I don't understand the point of marketing the 2 and 3 screens are the same.
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    New iPad photos

    I just tried and couldn't
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    File Transfer to iPad?

    I am currently partially blind due to some eye surgery.. so if you asked what file types in your previous question.. I didn't see it so I am sorry. Photos and music is easy I can do that via itunes. I guess I will try dropping the pdfs into ibooks. I will let you know. thanks for trying to...
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    Ipad Classes or Tips

    is this your first iPad? or you want to know what you can do with the new iPad?
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    File Transfer to iPad?

    I remember with the iPhone ( years ago when i had one) I could just drag and drop. i don't know how specific you want me to be. I just want to drag files from my computer to my iPad.
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    Ipad Not downloading apps independently

    Mine works fine. Do you get an error message when trying to download an app without being connected to a computer?
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    iPad text messaging

    Think BBM from Blackberry
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    New iPad photos

    unless you use iphoto. Then you will have two folders.. one folder for originals and the other folder for edited material.
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    go take a pic with it. You will see how much of a big deal it is.
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    File Transfer to iPad?

    I connected the iPad using the usb cable. I tried to move files over to the iPad as though it was a hard drive and it wont let me? Did they take that feature away?
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    Help with uploading pix on the ipad to Facebook

    go to the facebook app, click on status update, click upload picture.
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    Has anyone seen any action on the "Ships: by March 19" units?

    BTW I got my iPad at 9:20 this morning :)
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    iPad 3 - Hype for the Gullable

    I really don't think its worth the upgrade from iPad 2 to 3 UNLESS you are into editing and taking photos with the iPad. If you are happy with your iPad there really is no reason to upgrade.
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    New iPad not connecting to wifi :(

    Does this thing not connect to WAP's configured with wpa-2 :( EDIT: disconnected from the WAP and reconnected it works fine. WHY it didn't work the other 10 tmes I did it .. I don't know..
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    got it 8:30am this morning! squeee
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    So I went to my Walmart to see if they had it on display. Not only was it not on display but the electronics dept looked empty. Too bad I pre-ordered mine.. I would be playing with it by now... Sometimes living in BUMP US.. has its advantages heh.
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    IPAD Tethering

    That really depends on your carrier. I have Sprint and pay 30 bucks a month for 5gs. My husband has T-Mobile and unlimited tethering...
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    Apple Store Pick-Up Confirmation - Where is it????

    I should have thought of this .. since I live in the middle of no where..
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    Too excited to sleep!

    Anyone else?:o
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    How are they delivering them to homes?

    All of my accessories came in via FedEX. My iPad is coming to me via UPS. I have a friend who's iPad is coming from FedEx. I really couldn't tell ya how they choose who to ship with..
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    Has anyone seen any action on the "Ships: by March 19" units?

    Mine orginally said everything your said. It is right now on its way to me. Per UPS it will be here later today.
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    Holy.... WOW

    They actually said to me yesterday " we are putting the display out tomorrow".. So I call today to make sure.. and they said "no.. we will wait until tomorrow morining" I am disappoint.
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    Yeah just got off the phone.. They have 2 cases.
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    Anyone preorder today March 15th??

    I ordered mine on Saturday and was told that It would be her on March 26.. The date then changed to march 20th, and now I am getting it tomorrow. So yea.. its a toss up but they are shipping them earlier than expected using business class shipping.
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    I don't know. But I am sure you can pay for it online. Also, I called my local Walmart and they have no idea whats going on..
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    Yeah.. and I live in Bump VA I should call and ask if they will EVEN have one.
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    Can't Track My iPad 3, Shipped With UPS

    It's probably sitting on the truck ready to go for tomorrow.
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    Who is getting their 3 first?!

    Shipment Progress:In transit to - Front Royal, VA, US Scheduled Delivery:Friday, 03/16/2012
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    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    This is in the US I believe. Might wanna steer clear of this place if you don't need one..
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    I actually called UPS. They said that mine has departed china and will be on Louisiana by morning. I guess its traveling across the pond so it takes longer to update.
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    My engraved 64bit wifi black iPad shipped yesterday.
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I ordered mine on Sat.. says it will be here Friday before end of day. YIPPIE! Apple says it wouldn't be delivered until the 20th.
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    Engraved IPAD Delayed; letter from Apple

    That is really weird. I had mine engraved and it shipped yesterday. I didn't order my iPad until Saturday morning.