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  1. OperatorX

    Which iPad model for music making?

    Go for horsepower and get the 4. With the mini, 2 and 3, you are already working on an older than "current state" processor. When I got my ipad 1, it was furnished with a processor that was almost a year old and now it's obsolete after two years. Do yourself a favor and stay ahead of the curve.
  2. OperatorX

    Should I upgrade from iPad 3 to iPad 4?

    I'm moving from the 1 to the 4. The lack of IOS 6 support, and the bloat that has become IOS apps has turned my functional iPad 1 into a slug. Most of the productivity apps I've come to rely on are really painful to use.
  3. OperatorX

    cellular service questions

    The short answer is yes. The Vz model will work with CDMA. It also has the full spectrum of GSM/EDGE frequncies supported. So, for the US citizen who wants the broadest LTE (4G) coverage in the US, but also wants the ability to travel overseas and roam on the GSM networks there, the Vz option is...
  4. OperatorX

    Ipad 2 going back

    I have an iPad 1 and I have not seed the compelling reason to upgrade yet. I had planned to hold out for the iPad 3 but now that I have an iPhone 4S, I may wait until the iPad 4. My iPad 1 is still doing everything I need it to and it was a heafty investment. We'll see. The iPad 3 needs to...
  5. OperatorX

    Optimum Wi-Fi??

    Have you tried contacting Optimum? From their website, it looks like the iPhone is supported. Have you tried installing their app?
  6. OperatorX

    'BES' style security for iPads?

    We've been looking at a few MDMs ane really like AirWatch. You get many BES like features for multiple devices IOS, Android and others. While it's not as extensive as the BES, you'll get as close as you can for right now. It's about the best control you can get with these devices.
  7. OperatorX

    iPad and windows domains

    Right now the only option is RDP. We've setup a MS Terminal server and users use the iTap RDP client to access a windows desktop on our network.
  8. OperatorX


    I didn't have to do anyting from a networking perspective. You simply have to be paying for the on demand service you are trying to look at. So, if it's a HBO movie, you need to be subscribed HBO on your Comcast account. Then you can stream anywhere.
  9. OperatorX

    VM Ware on iPad

    You need VMware's "View" server infrastructure to use this client. It's like their virtual desktop (VDI) platfrom. You can't use this to connect to a home PC like a Gotomypc or LogmeIn Ignition. VMware View: Desktop Virtualization and Desktop Management
  10. OperatorX

    iPad 1 owners, will you be getting the iPad 2?

    I'm looking for the quantum leap. The current model meets my needs right now and it was a sizeable investment. Besides, I have two years of support to get through before thinking about doing anything different.
  11. OperatorX

    Is it possible to reverse icons ?

    My head wiggles all the time so this app would make them look normal to me...most of the time! :)
  12. OperatorX

    Outlook web access - internet explorer

    No, it's just a browser, not a mail/calendar client. IF you have OWA, you should be able to get the iPad email client to work. Just go to Settings, then Mail, Contacts & Calendar and setup an "Exchange Account" Enter your email address, domain, owa server name (example...
  13. OperatorX

    Exchange E-Mail

    For those companies with OWA, you can use the exchange client on the ipad to get your emal. With OWA setup, port 443 is opened between the OWA and Exchange server. Using your OWA credential, and server name ( will usually work.
  14. OperatorX

    video converter cucusoft

    No, there appears to be a limitation on files larger the 2,048 G in Cuccusoft. I use it and have noticed the same problem. I'll usually pull the quality back or just let it create two files. If you create a playlist it will play from one file to the other without problem.
  15. OperatorX

    new ipad doesn't have cellular data to add AT&T

    Consider upgrading to a phone with MIFI capabilites when your contract is up. It's one way to get internet on the WIFI only iPad.
  16. OperatorX

    Which app to sketch or annotate on top of image?

    The latest release of Note Taker HD will now support notes, drawing on top of pdf forms. Both Portrait and now landscape. It works well and has helped me elimiate most of my paper form completion.
  17. OperatorX

    Best way to go setting up second iPad help please?

    After you have the iPad connected to iTunes, click on the iPad on the Navigation bar and there is an option to Manually sync items on each content type tab in iTunes
  18. OperatorX

    It's official - I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

    Now you only have 11 days to wait...
  19. OperatorX

    4.2 pushed back

    Yea, sure... It's not like they haven't had 4 months beyond the other 4.0 devices release dates. What's another week and half to release an OS right before the long Holiday weekend?
  20. OperatorX

    Google Launches Instant Search for iPad/iPhone

    Dosen't seem to work on version 3.2.2 either...
  21. OperatorX

    The Flash Debate

    Agreed. And that's really the issue for me. We should have the choice to run what we want and don't want.
  22. OperatorX

    Best ipad software for Stock market monitoring

    Try Works great on Safari and Atomic, SMA and MACD. Look up your SYM and click on "Advanced Charts."
  23. OperatorX

    Is there a Mac/PC remote App?

    Yea, it's usually in the BIOS. Be advised though the computer will wake up with every probe that goes on on your network, not just your attempt to contact it.
  24. OperatorX

    I guess the honeymoon is over!

    General security rules.. 1) Hide your SSID, yes it can be snagged but why make it easy. 2) Set a password, WPA and AES encryption 3) Filter MAC address to only those machines you want to have access, again, why make it easy. Also, any slower clients on your wireless network will force all...
  25. OperatorX

    Sync two Ipads

    I don't know how many times this needs to be repeated: Only if the app supports that. If an app does not support synching, that's not going to work for any documents created with that app. Not necessarily. I use Good Reader to sync docs between the ipad and Google Docs (which is free). Good...
  26. OperatorX

    Why does wifi connection slow down at times?

    Could also be the types of supported 802.11 adapters on our WAP. Note that if you have an 802.11 a/b adapter and a 802.11g adapter on the same router, the G adpter will only run at the a/b speed, unless you have a dual band router.
  27. OperatorX

    Is my credit card info safe? iPad 3G stolen w/ SIM

    I would check with the mobile carrier and explain the situation. Technically this would be a device switch, which any reputable carrier should not change your account over. With that said, it is AT&T but it would not hurt to ask.
  28. OperatorX

    Order 2 x iPad and order got canceled

    Sounds wrong though. What if you were a business trying to deploy to a sales team? You need to order for each individual?
  29. OperatorX

    Converted DVDs?

    Chances are you will want to conver them. I took ipod formated video and put them on the iPad and it looked pretty grainy. CucuSoft has great converter for the ipad that works great with my old 900Mhz P4. For h.261 conversions, you are better off with duo or quad core to full resolution.
  30. OperatorX

    Flash Runtime Ported to iPad

    Unfortunately, these are business decisions that both companies have made for valid reasons to each. I know Adobe has had issues with Flash on mutiple mobile platforms going back to the early pocket PCs. With that said, it's the users who utimately suffer for the decisions, good, bad or...
  31. OperatorX

    2 million iPads in July

    Gotta wonder how quality control might be affected. I know a few friends who have received theirs in the past few weeks with hardware problems... Unresponsive screens and a faulty power button.
  32. OperatorX

    RDP software questions

    I too am interrested in an RDP client. However since the ipad can't multitask, I'm guessing you can't have mutiple connections at a time. Just a guess on my part. My ipad is still being built!
  33. OperatorX

    Verizon to sell iPhone starting 1/2011

    Hopefully they will solve the antenna issue since the radios will be different.... It could be a better product.
  34. OperatorX

    AT&T sucks & lies

    Coverage does not imply an AT&T owned tower. You could be roaming on someone elses network and not considered priority traffic. Also, travelling in a moving object will also affect data transfer rates as the transmission/reception signals are constantly moving as well.
  35. OperatorX


    Hey all... I'm a noob. Just ordered a 64G 3G early this week and I getting up to speed. We're thinking of a deploying a few users in our corporate environment as well so I'm trolling the forum for all info... It's a great resources.
  36. OperatorX

    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    Shame on them, then.