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  1. Blueface

    With or Without +Cellular

    My iPad1 did not have cell. On my iPad2, I therefore felt it was a must and made sure I got cell (ATT). While I did initially use the cell during the first six months or so of ownership, I found plenty of wifi service or tether on my cell that allowed me to now save $129 on my new iPad Air. So I...
  2. Blueface

    iPad 2 vs. iPad 3

    Absolutely will buy it. I had the first iPad, sold it and go the iPad 2. If the 3 comes out, will buy it but this time around, will give my wife my 2 rather than sell it. I think this is the greatest toy I have ever owned. I can only imagine new versions improving yet more and me wanting them.
  3. Blueface

    10 Ipad 2 Problems?

    On point. Totally agree.
  4. Blueface

    Apple wins law suit against Samsung Galaxy 10.1

    I think this is what the OP is referring to. Apple Lawsuit Puts Samsung Tablet Sales in Australia on Hold - Businessweek
  5. Blueface

    Ipad restore from backup

    When you are restoring, there is a drop down option to select the last backup. That will bring all your App info back.
  6. Blueface

    We need a 7 inch Ipad

    I think we need a smaller one than 7" that can double as a "pill cameara" so when my stomach hurts I can swallow it and see what ails me.:p
  7. Blueface

    Ipad 2 smart cover is horrible!

    I bought the black leather for $69 and love it. Have owned it since day one, when I picked up my iPad 2 on initial release day. Not a flaw to it. Not damaged to date in any way. Looks like new therefore no complaints. I then fell in love with and bought the red leather also for $69. I...
  8. Blueface

    Could Apple Be Planning Surprise LTE iPad 3 Launch in time for Christmas?

    I had the iPad1. Bought the iPad2 on launch day. They come out with a new one that varies from the 2 the way the 2 varies from the one and guess what, I'll be there on launch day again. Not mad but instead, happy with anticipation.:D
  9. Blueface

    Anyone scratched their iPad 2 screen yet?

    Other than a Smart Cover, the Zagg film for the back is what I use. I like it. Serves it's purpose as it let's me place it down anywhere with no worries. Adds a bit more grip feel which I like. That is as far as I will go as can't imagine going without the naked feel on the screen. To date...
  10. Blueface

    Any advise on ear buds with a mic?

    When it comes to speakers or headsets, Bose fan here since 1982.
  11. Blueface

    Ipad2 and blogger

    Use a service like ImageShack, Photobucket or Flckr. Upload photos to there then use their link.
  12. Blueface

    IPAD 2 Sleeve

    I have the marware Envi and live it. Got it new on EBay for $23 or so with shipping v the $49 on This is the one.
  13. Blueface

    Apps won't install from app store on Ipad2

    Sounds like a password issue. Reset your iTunes password and try again. If it had accepted your password, it would download app and not ask you again in thath session if you went back to app store and purchased something new.
  14. Blueface

    How do I get my apps back on replacement iPad 2?

    Does iTunes have sync apps selected?
  15. Blueface

    Back of ipad 2 hot when charging?

    Mine does not change in temperature when charging, even if still plugged long after full charge is reached.
  16. Blueface

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    Would have, should have, on and on. Fact is it is what it is. Sounds like you have a need for an Apple product (iTunes). Sounds like you like iTunes better than the Android market. Sounds like you like it better because it is a better supplier of products (Apps) for you. So.............sure...
  17. Blueface

    Do you think the smart cover is the best case for ipad 2?

    For the back, just get a Zagg film for it. Works great as does not change the look yet protects it.
  18. Blueface

    Will Apple ever make an ipad with an sd card slot?

    The OP reminds me of a crack addict complaining about his crappy supplier. He still goes to buy from him.:D No one forces you to buy from Apple. Lots of choices out there that do provide the slots you seek. Apple is innovative and introduces an updated product annually. Choosing to buy...
  19. Blueface

    Deleting e-mail

    From inbox, select edit, then select as many as you want to delete at once. Only way I know to do multiples.
  20. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    All a matter of preference. I find the black with a black smart cover stealth and cool. Whenever I put my red one on, let the devil come out and play. Nothing looks cooler than the black wit a red smart cover. Nothing!!! So, some like light and airy, some like stealth and devilish.:D
  21. Blueface

    Alaska Airlines doesn't need Flash

    LOL Thanks for the chuckle. Think about it. Major airline gives iPads to all pilots. What is the number one gripe from zoom, galaxy, etc supporters and Apple haters? Get the irony now? I have a sick sense of humor.
  22. Blueface

    Alaska Airlines doesn't need Flash

    I guess they care about not having flash as much as I do. Alaska Airlines Replaces Paper Manuals With iPads -- AppAdvice
  23. Blueface

    Garageband help please!

    Great point. In reading it again, seems I may have totally misunderstood his intent. Seems it is a way of his expressing wHat he thinks should happen to that interface. Not a Garage Band expert by any means but look forward to learning myself.
  24. Blueface

    Garageband help please!

    This one will be short lived thread, about as long as his membership here.
  25. Blueface

    All contacts Gone on my ipad2

    That explains things a bit better. Your thread says you lost all your contacts. Are you saying that not only the new one is missing but everything else? Have you called Apple? You are under warranty. They will likely walk you you through a reset of your iPad. Make sure you synchronize...
  26. Blueface

    Cracked IPad 2

    Good to hear.
  27. Blueface

    All contacts Gone on my ipad2

    Try connecting to iTunes. Make sure you check off to sync your contacts and let us know what happens.
  28. Blueface

    Syncing Apps & Existing Data

    When you connect to iTunes and sync your Apps, you should not lose what is on your iPad.
  29. Blueface

    What memory to go for?

    Thanks for correcting that. I didn't recal well. Here is a link here on this forum for more info.
  30. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    Well I think this poll so far addresses that. One out of every two like it. I actually like the white also and bought one of each. I just prefer the black and let go the white at cost to a friend.
  31. Blueface

    All my ipad 2 contacts gone !

    This a third duplicate thread. See response on other.
  32. Blueface

    All my ipad 2 contacts gone!

    Duplicate thread. See my response on your other one. This sounds like user error.
  33. Blueface

    All contacts Gone on my ipad2

    Did you synchronize with your computer and not check the sync box for contacts in iTunes? Re sync with iTunes and make sure this is checked.
  34. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    I love the way folks refer to an item with production in the MILLIONS as "unique". What is so bad about looking like a large iPhone or iPod Touch. They are both awesome devices in their own right. Hey, whatever makes one happy. So far, the poll is as I would expect.......50/50.
  35. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    Not from my comparison. I did it outside, inside day time, inside night time with house lights on, inside night time with lights off. In all cases (now remember, most folks will use the first three scenarios the most), the black's screen was brighter than the white's. Has anyone ever...
  36. Blueface

    IPAD2 Camera, Worse than ever!

    Could not agree with you more.
  37. Blueface

    Cracked IPad 2

    I think the Apple store will take care of it. Be nice as more to gain with sugar. If no damage to the case, then no evidence of dropping. If no evidence of dropping and under warranty, cant see how Thayer won't honor it.
  38. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    In all fairness, the white iPhone 4 never made it to market on time. Who knows what sales of it would have been had it been around for nearly a year. In the end, it is all a mtter of personal taste. Folks that like black better will never convince folks that like white beTter and visa versa...
  39. Blueface

    What memory to go for?

    Seagate has already introduced a wireless GoFlex for the iPad for $300. I think it is 500G.
  40. Blueface

    Black or white iPad 2?

    LOL ....and the white one doesn't? Doesn't look like a big "white" iPhone? I like both colors but have to disagree with you that white looks better. To me, black looks classy. The white looks cheap.