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  1. W Apple TV GiveAway

    Count me in! I'd love a chance at an apple tv!
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    Solved Text Selecting in Remote Desktop Apps

    Great tip pallentx! Thanks.
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    I'm kind of liking the Atomic browser. However, to post this reply from my iPhone, I needed to switch back to Safari.....? Nobody's perfect I guess. Wildm011
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    Apps for people in IT

    I use the free version of TeamViewer. I honestly don't know what the difference is between the $99 version and the free version other than the price. I purchased a corporate license for the PC version of TeamViewer, so I feel that using the free TeamViewer app is just an additional tool to...
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    Apps for people in IT

    Two apps that I have used and liked with the iPhone are TeamViewer LogMeIn wildm011
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Nice, thorough, well-thought review Mossman. I wonder if you'd be able to harness some of the productivity of the desktop by using a remote access app like LogMeIn or TeamViewer to access the desktop from the iPad? I've had some good success with that for the iPhone, and I'm thinking that with...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    I just ordered a Cradlepoint 300. I already have the Sierra 597 USB modem (unlimited plan for North America). I plan on using it to ease my data roaming costs for my iPhone as well. Once the 3g connection is converted to WiFi, the iPhone, iPad, iPods, laptops, etc. should all be able to use...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    AUGIE - Do you know if your cradlepoint PHS300 was Hardware version 1 or version 2? Apparently they made some changes to accommodate 4g and wimax. Is 2-3 hours the maximum life from a single charge? It looks like a nice 'single point' solution to funnel all wireless data charges through...
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    Affordable mobile wifi

    Cradlepoint? KVMKVM - did you wind up buying the Cradlepoint router? I'm considering as well, as I already have a USB 3G modem (don't need another account for the Novatel MiFi), and I'm wondering about 'downgrading' to the WiFi only iPad and using the roaming cradlepoint WiFi access as an...