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  1. hookbill

    Which ipad to buy?

    I thought this was a poll between Mini and Regular 4th Generation. Heck, you know what your needs are better then I do. Personally for me I don't need to have my iPad on a data plan, but that's me. I'd say if you plan on taking it out then get the data plan. If you are using it only at home...
  2. hookbill

    how do i make my new ipad 4 recognize my hp printer

    I spent about 7 hours over a 2 day period with 4 different Kodak CSR's trying to get my printer to recognize my network. We even tried a manual input and as soon as I got off the computer with the rep, the printer lost it's signal. I was able to get it back for a short period of time by...
  3. hookbill

    Won't recognize my airprinter

    I just spent 2 days with Kodak trying to get my darn printer to recognize and stay connected to the keyboard. We thought we had it when we did a manual connect, but that lasted less then an hour. I don't know about Epson but the way Kodak printed wirelessly was by sending an email to the...
  4. hookbill

    iPad and the Apple wireless keyboard

    Since you quoted me you saw the demonstration. Just for those who might be wondering what in the world I'm talking about I causes the Italics symbols, B causes the Bold symbols and U the underline symbols. You may want to keep in mind not to feed your keyboard diet pepsi. It actually get's...
  5. hookbill

    iPad and the Apple wireless keyboard

    Yes, I agree I love my Apple keyboard with my iPad. It's one of the reasons I prefer just going into the forum as opposed to using tapatalk. One thing negative however that you didn't mention. Leaving the caps lock key on can cause . IUB cannot be typed with the cap lock on or you will get...
  6. hookbill

    I love my new Tapatalk App!!

    I have tapatalk and I just get confused using it. Maybe I'm just too old, I don't know but I don't understand the need. Maybe on an iPhonoe but on an iPad? To me it's just as easy to use a browser and enter the Forum.
  7. hookbill

    How much ram does ipad 4 have

    If you have an android phone, don't be surprised if you start looking at the iPhone. I've had my iPhone 5 since 9/21. Just got my iPad fourth generation and loving that as well. It's amazing what difference the display makes. Reading books, playing games is just so clean.
  8. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    The horse lover apparently is suffering from buyers remorse. There is another thread where she was asking what the difference was between iPhone 4 and 3. It was wisely closed by the moderators. I doubt this person spoke to anyone at an Apple Store. Anyway to get back on topic, I'm spending...
  9. hookbill

    updating apps but not on iPad even after sync!

    You shouldn't have to. So why not make it easy on yourself and just update via iPad? When I've updated with iTunes my updates carry over.
  10. hookbill

    browser with flash plugin

    Flash is dying a slow, tedious death. Apple saw it coming and that's why you don't have flash. You will be using silverlight soon. There is one browser that has some flas capability I want to say it's skyfire but I'm not certain. Apple doe not like Flash,, ir'a highly vulnerable for...
  11. hookbill

    Which one is the iPad4??

    I think the decision to go without putting a number on the product is a good one. They are all iPads, just one is smaller then the rest and a couple have better displays and are faster.
  12. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    This sounds like someone with an iPad 3 who's jealous.
  13. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    In a very busy day I'm happy to say that my iPad 4th generation arrived around 4:00 pm. I had only a few minutes to do the set up, and something didn't go quite right initially. That would be the transfer from my iPad 2. But I unplugged it and ran it again. This time it ran smooth as silk...
  14. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    Well, it's 2:38 and my iPad is on the truck. It's OK though because I decided to get Windows 8 and that has been an adventure. I was having a little issue with getting on board with the new way to recover, so I saw where it was recommended to do a refresh. Now a refresh is not suppose to...
  15. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    Simply unbelievable. But it appears you're right, I tried to discredit the web site, but it appears they have solid information.
  16. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    The link that loverhorses 14 should spell it out to you but just in case just like me you will find out that there is the iPad Mini and the iPad Fourth Generation. Yours would be iPad third generation. Apple released the iPad Fourth Generation and Mini recently. Two separate tablets, and I was...
  17. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    ROFLOL yeah, right. Apple released an improved version of the iPad 2 after the iPad 3 came out. And the name of that was the iPad 3. What would be the logic behind that? Once the iPad third generation came out why would they even make anymore iPad 2? That's like saying Toyota build an...
  18. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    I have no idea when I got my iPad 2 but I would guess it was 6 months before the third generation was announced. This iPad will go to my wife, and she will sell the original iPad. Looking forward to using facetime with her, iPad 1 didn't have that feature. And since I'll have Siri on my new...
  19. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    Well, I got my shipping notice. It's not in FedEx's system yet, Apple says delivery date will be Tuesday. I always take the free delivery, and it never takes more then 2 days to get here. I must be somewhat close to a warehouse. Yesterday I had some second thoughts. Geeze do I really need...
  20. hookbill

    Never Wave Candy In Front of A Child's Face

    Now, I'm pretty well informed (I thought) about what's available and what isn't. When the iPad 3 came out I said no, I'll stay with my iPad 2. When the iPad Mini came out I said, Why would I want that?" So I'm watching tv with my wife tonight who mentions that the iPad 4th Generation is on...
  21. hookbill

    Alarm Clock

    Anybody having any problems with the Alarm Clock? Mine was suppose to go off at 7:00 am. I got up at 8:07 am. I had put my iPad on the world clock so I could see what the time was in the middle of the night. I saw around 4:10 am that it was not time to get up. I had the volume set to...
  22. hookbill

    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    Thank you for the quick response. Going to check my iPad 2 now.
  23. hookbill

    iOS 6 to Launch September 19

    I'm confused. Is original iPad and Ipad 2 getting IOS 6?
  24. hookbill

    iOS 5.1

    We'll, you really haven't told us what you are doing to update but I'll take a stab at it. First, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed There was a new release right after the announcement of the new iPad (it's not a 3 I wish people would stop saying that). Then after...
  25. hookbill

    Hope my ipad have no problem!

    POTD 10 char
  26. hookbill

    Will the iPad 2 Section Die Once Everyone Gets Their Hands on "The New iPad"

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is there really such a thing as an iPad3? I was under the impression that they were now just going to be called "iPad." I could be wrong. And I think the resolution comment is absolutely true. So I just won't look at one. ;)
  27. hookbill

    Synced to a new computer and Music App doesn't show my songs

    Wow they have some great staff here. Thanks for being so helpful.
  28. hookbill

    Will the iPad 2 Section Die Once Everyone Gets Their Hands on "The New iPad"

    IMHO an iPad is an iPad. Some just have different features, that's all. I had the original iPad, upgraded to the iPad2 and while having more memory and better resolution would be nice, I think I'll pass on the 3. So I'll be around in all the 3 threads. No iPad2 thread will be around for...
  29. hookbill

    ipad 2 gmail issues

    In your settings you are able to set up your iPad to use Gmail. Go to settings, add an account and set your gmail up right there.
  30. hookbill

    9-10hrs battery life. What that really mean?

    You're absolutely right about brightness/display. It's the biggest energy user. But apps running in the background. No, not really. They are more or less on standby, not really running at full capacity.
  31. hookbill

    9-10hrs battery life. What that really mean?

    Battery life on my iPad 1 is great. I use it constantly for at least 5 hours every evening and still have 73% next morning.
  32. hookbill

    How often should you completely turn off your iPad?

    I think the IOS is very stable. I feel the same way about my iMac too. I think the idea of shutting down is PC thinking. Nevertheless, I still think at least occasionally you should shut it down. Do it when you feel like it or just don't do it at all. If it starts to slow down or something...
  33. hookbill

    Don't Pay for Apple Expedited Shipping

    I don't know how far you took it but if you only talked to one person there then you didn't try hard enough. Certainly they should refund your money for expedited shipping. Make another call.
  34. hookbill

    50 Ways To Annoy People at The Cinema

    Talking on you phone.
  35. hookbill

    Hi, I am New Member

    Welcome to the iPad Forums. Glad to have you here. :)
  36. hookbill

    Who will be the Future Direction? Android or Apple?

    While I'm not sure if I would get an iPhone, I'm positive I don't want an android tablet. I like using iTunes to back up my apps, the selection of apps blows android away and they will never catch up. The reason I say that is that people who use android are about as tight as it comes with...
  37. hookbill

    Capacity on ipad 2

    Welcome to the forum DaddyNator. We're happy to have you but when you post a question about a totally different topic then what we are discussing that's considered hijacking a thread. Look at the forum and fine the proper area for your topic, like iPad Help. If after searching you don't find...
  38. hookbill

    App store and credit cards

    I agree I wouldn't use a debit card for the app store. I'm quite comfortable however using a credit card.
  39. hookbill

    Can we ever expect shared file system in iOS?

    I don't think you'll see that in an iPad. At least not how you describe it. Everything has to go through iTunes. There was an app available that would allow you to download files from your computer called Zumo Cast or Zuma Cast. Right now that app is on hold, and to be honest I don't know...