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    If you're making calls to the US, download the app Whistle. It plays a 15 second commercial (sometimes) and the calls you make are free. They even provide you a phone number in which others can call you at.
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    IPad Stolen

    I'm really sorry about this =\ and yeah it's so messed up but Airports do this ALL the time! They really should screen the people working there. I don't know if theres anything you can do about it if you havent even activated it through itunes... future reference make sure to keep it on the carry on
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    Military iPad Users

    As for accessories, for being on tour, i would have to suggest iPad Defender Series Case // this thing is built like a tank apparently.
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    If update doesn't fix it, bring it to apple store for an exchange. You might have a dud :/
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    Camping and the iPad - Preliminary Charging Results Inside

    Wow what a feat!! Good luck and keep us posted!
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    PDF's saving from Safari

    Actually, I wouldn't say goodreader is a better PDF reader.. Using it through iBooks seems faster and snappier to me. The process is kind of a pain in the ass honestly. You basically have to get it to open through your mail or dropbox works too... Good luck! Might be easier getting it on...
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    iPad or macbook?

    I would get the iPad for sure if you plan on bringing your desktop to school with you. For me, it's working great. I'm able to write lecture notes, record lectures, access and write assignments, etc without the weight of lugging a notebook around. Also the battery life on the iPad is a huge...
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    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    Hey nice set up! Looking good. But seriously guys... Chill out :X and get back on topic?
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    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    Plz install with pics soon!
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    Just ordered a car mount from PadHoldr

    Nice please take some pics of the install process :) I'm thinking of getting it for my car too.. Does the mount look like it'll be lose or scratch the iPad? Eager for pics!
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    GChat or Google Talk on the iPad

    I'm using IM+ which supports gtalk as well as others (aim, msn, yahoo, facebook, etc)
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    Kindle bought books onto iBooks?

    Yeahh I have, but i was just wondering since I prefer having all my books together and I like iBooks format better :/
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    Need help, cant decide...

    On second thought, if you already have an iPhone, why don't you just jailbreak it and use it with a 32gb wifi iPad?
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    Need help, cant decide...

    I would go for the 16 3G.. Like you said, you never know when you'd be in a jam where you would need The 3G. Although you can still do a lot on your iPad without Internet access, it definitely cripples it considerably.
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    Kindle bought books onto iBooks?

    Is there anyways to download the epub version of the kindle bought books and transfer them onto iBooks? Hmm...
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    a neat camera idea for the ipad

    Actually SJ said they were Selling at a pace of one iPad every 3 seconds, not 13 :) I would actually prefer if a company made a small compact bluetooth webcam that you could clip onto the iPad.. And also move the camera head around. That way the dock connector would still be free. Hmm... I know...
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    Dl the whistle app :) free calls to anyone in the U.S, it just periodically plays a short ad. Pretty awesome tho!
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    "All the world's websites in your hands"

    Wow was this post even necessary? It's BEEN discussed. Why don't you read Steve jobs letter on flash on Seriously....
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    Is iPad right for me?

    I would have to agree that you would need another computer along with the iPad. That being said, I use my iPad daily taking notes in class, and i find it much easier to carry around campus than a laptop. If you have a desktop already, i would choose the iPad for your mobile usage. I actually...
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    New AT&T 3G Rates

    AT&T- News Room The other thing is that if you're currently on the unlimited plan, AT&T will allow you to "grandfather" that plan until you choose to either downgrade, or cancel 3G sevice
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    New AT&T 3G Rates

    Actually I'm pretty sure the 2gb plan is 25 dollars, not 30
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    AT&T changing their plans

    I agree.. I feel pretty tricked at this point. If you want to keep the unlimited plan, how the hell is this different than having an annual contract?! I seriously thought apple would have made a contract not allowing AT&T in breaching their end of the deal. I wonder, has anyone emailed...
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    AT&T changing their plans

    I really hope AT&T stands by their word allowing current unlimited users to keep their plans. It's only my 7th day and already used up 8 gb of data.. I wonder how this will affect the iPhone 4G video camming....
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    Yeah it does have a zipper on the top which allows you to just slip it in, and no it's not too tight a fit. I have a macally bookstand case and it fits into it perfectly. That being said, it won't fit a bluetooth keyboard. There is however a medium sized case logic esling which should allow you...
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    My new toy! :-)

    Nicee I was seriously considering it but decided it was too expensive :/ did you get the strap too?
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    Rubber frame is out :(

    I would squaretrade warranty your iPad immediately. You can warranty it up to 3 months after your purchase and it covers accidental damages. I know it's cosmetic, but you never know if something will go wrong later on due to that drop :/. Good luck!
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    That's a pretty cool idea, but I feel like i would feel incredibly lopsided with 1.5 lbs hanging on one side of my jacket
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    Ok i forgot to post the link Whoops Caselogic XNTM-1 Slim Line eSling (Black): Electronics Not sure if posting this link violates anything.. If it does I'll just put-up a picture later
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    For those looking for Bags for Ipad

    I just received my case logic sling (small) and it fits the iPad perfectly, also leaving a bunch of compartments for other stuff too... Now I'm dreading it looking like a man purse ahh... Anyways here it is. Tell me what you think :X
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    2-Year iPad Warranty Only $83.99 (includes drops & spills)

    Square trade is definitely legit. Look online for coupon codes!
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    Congress LOVES the IPad

    *cough* now if only Obama would share the same views...
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    How to tether 3g ipad to computer.

    I actually already did this recently. First you need to jailbreak your iPad using "Spirit", and then install MiFi. Mifi program will allow you to tether your iPad 3G to any wifi device. Warning though, tethering the Ipad will quickly dimish your battery when it's turned on! Make sure to keep it...
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    Thoughts on the iPad - Three Weeks Later

    Wow, thanks for that great writeup! I couldn't agree with you more on about everything except for the apps crashing lots (which I don't really have that issue). I too, really hope microsoft office will come to the iPad.. The Iworks suite just doesn't seem to cut it.
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    DIY iPad Car Mount - under 50 cents if you have iPad case

    Yeah i feel you too.. My vents are too far apart argh.. Had a lot of hope on this one too. Hope another solution presents itself.
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    14.99 or 29.99

    In also bought the 15 a month plan to simply gauge just how much i would typically use. Since I'm always around wifi (at home or on campus), i figured I wouldn't need the unlimited plan but after just a few short hours of chatting and browsing i used around 16 mbs of data.. It's a bit annoying...
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    Who else wishes for this little fix?

    I honestly was just thinking of the same thing except instead of the cntrols being on the bottom like you suggested I was hoping there was some way to swap the google search bar with the controls so that it'd be on the right top side. Of course this is due to me being right handed.. Maybe...