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  1. J

    New Ipad and Verizon activation question

    How do I add an iPad air to my existing verizon wireless account? J
  2. J

    WiFi Issues & Questions

    Can you turn off an turn on the router? If you can access the settings in the router you might be able to tell to give the MAC address of your ipad priority. How many other devices are on the router? Etc. J
  3. J

    Will you update your OS day of release or wait? Why?

    I will wait a bit and see if there are bigs I need to be careful of. J
  4. J

    App froze up while updating. Anyone know how to fix it?

    Can you delete pages and then reboot the iPad and then reinstall pages from iTunes? J
  5. J

    Battery versus power

    I was hoping by leaving it plugged in when I was using it in one room, that I would not need to recharge it as much. Less charging leads to longer lifetime; takes longer to reach the 1000 limit? I would like to keep my iPad 2 for a number of years. J
  6. J

    Battery versus power

    If I leave the iPad p Urged into power for a long times, will my battery be ok? I am trying not to have so many charges that the battery will degrade. What I mean is, is it ok to use the iPad on power for hours and if so will that have no effect on the long term life of the battery? J
  7. J

    Update my ipd2 to ios5.1 now i don t have any sound

    Did you raise the sound level while playing some music ? J
  8. J

    Transfer jpg to ipad2

    Works fine with my canon compact. Any way to get videos from my canon had video camera transferred as well?
  9. J

    Transfer jpg to ipad2

  10. J

    Transfer jpg to ipad2

    Is there an easy way to transfer pictures to and from a compact camera (memory card) to the iPad 2? I am thinking of doing this on travel vacation.
  11. J

    Question about synching the Ipad2.

    Can't they log into their account on your computer?
  12. J

    Tried a screen protector but disgarded it.

    What re u using?
  13. J

    Keeping songs in an ablum?

  14. J

    Keeping songs in an ablum?

    Useful information. It will mean a lot of work however.
  15. J

    Keeping songs in an ablum?

    S there a waytobe keep all the songs in an opera in one album when bringing the opera into iTunes . Also a big problem with my doctors new Orleans 4 disk compilation .
  16. J

    Voice control

    No plans for iPad 2 or itouch 4?
  17. J

    Voice control

    How does voice control work in iOS 5?
  18. J

    My ipad is charging very slow.........what can i do???

    Lots of apps work in the background. Try double clicking the big button and then holding on easy app until the - button comes and then deleting it . You can always restart it later.