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    Best duplicater finder and deleter

    Hi guys, Just want to share this one because its the best duplicate remover and finder for me its " Duplicate File Deleter" its really complete and easy to use. Hope this helps to everyone.
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    modern wedding songs

    Hi guys, can anyone suggest me a nice wedding songs that can be played at the reception. I really nid it badly. Thanks
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    cable to connect ipad in your car?

    What cable are you using to connect your Ipad to your car? without having a problem with the battery.
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    keyboard and ipad all in one case

    Is there a Ipad case with keyboard case also in one case. What I min is they are together?
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    Just want to know the games that are popular.
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    Having problems with the screen of my Ipad?

    Hi guys, When I am opening applications from my Ipad it keeps turning black what seems to be the problem? not always just sometimes.
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    ipad being like a galaxy tab

    Hi will it be alright if I suggest the ipad3 being like a galaxy tab, what I min is apple producing an ipad with a simcard and be able to text and call thru Ipad.
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    ipad3 as a scanner?

    Can I use my Ipad3 as a scanner? if so can someone teach me please.
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    using Ipad too much?

    They say if you use too much Ipad. Your brains cells get damaged? is this true?
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    RPG Ipad game

    Hi guys, I am looking for a RPG game for my Ipad can anyone suggest me a good one? Thanks in advance.
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    Ipad keyboard useful and nice to use?

    Hi guys I am planning to buy a keyboard for my Ipad, is it useful and nice to use? I really need your help!
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    Printing some images from Ipad

    How do I print some messages using my printer from Ipad? Thanks in advance. Hope someone could help me out.
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    Ipad3 video problem

    Hi everyone I am new here and I just recently purchased an Ipad3. Why cant I view videos from Can someone help me? Thanks.
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    best free IPAD game help?

    Can anyone suggest me whats the best game to download that is free? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi I am new here.

    Hi everyone I am a newbie, I am really interested in this forum. Hope to learn a lot of new things.