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    Battery problem with ipad2?

    My ipad2 battery drains even when it is off. Does anyone else have this problem? I can charge it to 100% at night and by morning it is down to 90% without even using it. I am using the smart cover to turn it on and off -- I have the setting for the cover on "ON". Fred.
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    Need detailed instructions on adding home video to ipad

    I have a home video that I would like to store and watch on my ipad. I have succesfully loaded photos through the itunes process and the itunes page has a check box that evidently includes videos along with the photos. However, the process seems to ignore my video file (.MPG extension). I...
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    Where do the Kindle books go?

    I downloaded the Kindle app to get my previous book purchases for my Kindle. Everything worked fine, the book covers showed up and I clicked them for download and they appeared to downolad. But now, how do I access them to read them on the Ipad? They don't show up on the ibook page and I...