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    OS update?

    Does the iPad 1 have any updates higher than 5.1.1?
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    Ios 5.1.1

    So I finally upgraded my iPad 1 to the newest OS, and glad the keyboard can split but unhappy I can't close an app or switch by swiping 4 fingers, is this just being on an iPad 1 issue?? Also for a secondary topic, any cool new features from 5.0+ that I should know about? (this was the first...
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    Onlive desktop

    Anyone try this out? I love the feel of it, having a desktop on your iPad. Also with PowerPoint, word and stuff it feels pretty full. But I won't use those, I wanted to know in the paid version if you can make it really like a desktop. Like idk, download things on the web at you would on your...
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    EmuROMs help

    Ok my last thread got closed because the mod misunderstood.. I wasn't asking how to get roms, I was asking about that specific app in Cydia. I was just asking if I'm suppose to already have the roms on the iPad for that app to be effective.
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    EmuROMs help

    I can't find a way to play rooms on there, would I have to download Roms first?
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    Game emulators.

    Does anyone have n64 or nes on their iPads? From Cydia? What games do you have?
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    What is your favorite thing(s) to do?

    So, what's your favorite thing or things to do on your new iPad? Favorite apps, browsing, research, anything!
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    Finally saw the new iPad..

    Went to Verizon and they had an iPad 2 next to the new one on the same display. Um, how does one NOT see the difference, even blind people have no excuses. If you look real close on the home screen you can see those pixels, or little black bars all over on the iPad 2. I was amazed that the...
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    Super Monkey Ball!

    Fall Out! Lol anyways, I thought it was going to be a cheap knockoff of the originals from gamecube to the Wii. But wow it's exactly the same even with mini games too and made from sega also! I highly recommend trying the first ten levels in the free version (:
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    best iPad 3 for me.

    I'm not going to have any movies or songs or a lot of pictures, just apps, so would you agree that a 16gb with 4g is better than a wifi only 32gb iPad? I would like my iPad one to have 3g sometimes, when I work a double shift at work I can have an hour to two or three hours of break and internet...
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    Questions for new iPad owners

    1) how's the speaker volume compared to the other IPads? 2) I've only been watching video reviews of it, how much of a difference is the screen in real life compared to the hd camera reviews? 3) do videos start playing almost right when you push play? YouTube and Netflix?
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    reset problem!

    I'm selling my iPad one soon but I went to reset everything, data content etc and the screen went black and there is a buffering circle, but it's been like this for like about an hour, I did have almost all 16 gb used but I don't think resetting takes this long does it?
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    apple id help!

    I'm going to sell my iPad one to put towards the new one, and I want to delete my whole apple id and information, I see the apple id in settings but no way of actually deleting it
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    I have the iPad 1 still, selling it towards new iPad. Idk how the iPad 2 is compared to the first one is it the same and do you think the new iPad can give a good experience cause IPad one is to quiet. Thank you and can't wait to get it!
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    32gb wifi OR 16gb 4G?

    What would you prefer? I know a lot has to do with what people do, but I don't want to spend more tab I need to for a 32gb 4G, so it's pretty much space over internet everywhere option. There are times where I'd love to have internet (on my iPad 1) at work waiting for next shift, or the feeling...
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    about the 4g plan..

    I'm trying to understand how much data is used on an average bases, like how much would you recommend if getting a 4g plan, if I browse only on internet when I'm out?
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    What is this game?

    I have an ipad 1 now, and I bought it for an unbelievable price of 200 dollars. And ill sell it for twice as much when the ipad the is announced to save for that (: But on topic, I played this game in the apple store early this year on one of their ipads, it was a pirate type game. Like you...
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    Hello! (with a question)

    I'm new here even though this isn't my first post ha, but I don't have an iPad but I can't wait for the iPad 3 which is what I'm waiting for. But my question is, on craigslist there is this guy selling his iPad 1 for $300 cause he needs the money, but I 'said' I only have 200 to spend on it and...