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    Gmail Forwarding Question?

    When forwarding email received in Gmail how do you delete all of the previous email addresses in an email string?
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    Keeps Crashing

    I have what I think is an iPad one, it is model MB293LL and the OS is 5.1.1 (9B206). The issue I have is that a lot of the apps keep crashing, even rmail. I have gone thru the procedure from the Apple site to return it to factory default and then reloaded just a few apps. The results are still...
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    Gmail Calendar Sync

    I have the app to sync contacts between the iPad and my Gmail account. Is there an App to do the same with my Gmail calendar? Thanks :):):):):)
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    E-mail screen is empty?

    All of a sudden the e-mail screen has no content. The inbox has entries but when selected they display a blank white screen???????
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    Online video shows black screen

    My wife likes the Dr Oz web site but all of the videos do not ply they show a black screen. Why is that?
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    Keep iPad Mail from downloading?

    I am using Gmail and a Gmail app to send and receive mail. How can I stop the iPad mail feature from downloading mail? I get the same mail in two place currently.
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    Delete email address in forward

    When you want to forward an email how do you grab all of the previous email addresses and delete them before sending the email forward? :)
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    Security Issues

    What are the security issues such as data capturing on the iPad? How about viruses, are they an issue? I am not a user yet and trying to get educated a bit. :)
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    Purchase Questions

    I am new here, as a matter of fact I have not purchased an iPad yet. I have a couple of question pertaining to iPads, particularly to the new version. 1. Can there be more than one user on an iPad, specificly the new iPad2 by that I mean can each have their own desktop/setup so to speak...