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    iCloud Keychain does not offer to save logins/passwords

    iPad 4th gen., iOS 7.1.1, iCloud account, iCloud Keychain Setup according to: There is a Passcode in place, a mobile phone SMS verification is setup and works, Safari Passwords and Autofill Settings all green. Initially (and still) no remembered...
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    FaceTime and multiple iOS device problem

    Scenario: iPad (4) and iPhone (4s), both upgraded to iOD 6.1. FaceTime ON with Apple ID and password properly entered on both devices "You can be reached by FaceTime at" has phone number checked for the iPhone and Apple ID email (hotmail) checked for the iPad. No one can call the iPad using...
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    iPad receives but won't send calendar events

    Since about two weeks, calendar events scheduled on my iPad rarely arrive on my iPhone (both iOS 6.0.1) or my iMac (10.8..2). However events scheduled on the iPhone and iMac sync as usual on all devices. Tried restoring iPad twice. Turned Calendar Off (deleted events off iPad) and then back On...
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    New iPad "Siri" speech to text feature

    Has anyone managed to find a keyboard (e.g. Apple Bluetooth) shortcut to invoke the New iPad's "Siri" speech to text? If not, and you are an external keyboard user, please suggest this keyboard shortcut to Apple: Thanks.
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    iPF App Limitationf

    I've always subscribed to the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words". The browser (computer) based version of this forum allows for the addition of an image to an explanation. Perhaps that capability could be incorporated into the iPad App?
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    iPad remote support

    I am a retired guy in Canada. I use TeamViewer to remotely provide mac + pc coaching / support to a large number of retirees in several countries. Now many of my clients are purchasing iPads. Currently Skype is my only solution to work with from one to four persons (my own limit) simultaneously...
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    New from Ontario

    Hello Folks, I'm a retired person living with my wife and our two Standard Poodles in the Georgian Bay Triangle region of Ontario, Canada. I recently acquired an iPad 2 WiFi 32GB, my latest Apple product since my Apple 128K in 1984. Loved them all. My intention is to soon give my children or...