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    iPad Battery

    What is causing my battery to lose power very quickly when it is not in use , this has happened in the last couple of days.
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    How can I delete an email that won't delete as soon as I select it to read it, It drops out and send me back to the main menu.
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    Candy Crush

    How can I get Candy Crush display my results when I complete a challenge, It is supposed to do this after upgrading, and is there a way to check that I successfully did this?
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    Uk time

    How do I set UK time, it seems to have changed since I upgraded, it is showing US time
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    Closing Apps

    How do you close Apps on upgrade, I use to be able to press twice then they appeared on the bottom row with a cross.
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    ipad Overseas

    Can I use and charge up my ipad in Portugal?
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    can I rearrange my apps in one fell swoop in settings
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    Transferring Photos from a usb Camera

    I have purchased a Apple Lightning USB Adapter, the instructions say to import photos from a camera turn on ipad and attach the lightning to USB camera adapter to the lightning port? where on the iPad is the said port?
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    Why do I keep getting the same email after I have deleted it?
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    Can I arrange my Apps in ABC order automatically
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    Why have my apps frozen whilst updating I.e my App Store shows ex number needs updating I then press install then they start to install and that's how thy stay . I can still use the App Store to shop around.
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    How do I get back to mail after opening attached item I.e photo,video etc. if I press the return arrow on the top line I get Safari headlines.
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    Apple id

    I have recently changed my Apple ID I have managed to change it but when I go to purchase an app the old one appears so I Get the message wrong ID. I have reset it several times , I have synced my ipad to my computer. What am I not doing it is driving me mad.
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    Apple ID

    I am trying to change my Apple ID due to changing my Internet provider. I have managed to do this but when I go into Settings ITunes Apps the old email address comes up. I tried edit but a message tells me that email address is being used. Also the old one appears In my iCloud account which I...
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    Email Addresses

    How can I prevent my email addresses first letter behind capitalised every time I put it in on it automatically changes to a capital despite me changing it to lower case,it is very frustrating
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    Creating a file

    Is there a way of saving emails in the new upgrade I.e sending to a file on iPad for future perusal
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    I am trying to upgrade photos but keep getting the following message: "This app requires iOS. 6" Can you tell what it means.THanks. I have iPad 3
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    Network error Timed out

    Every time I open the amazon App I get the above message any ideas what it meanness? Am I right in thinking that when I press the Home button that closes down the App? I am still learning so any info is greatly received.
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    Is there a way to organise apps alphabetically? i.e select all
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    Frozen Email Page

    Help cannot delete email all choices are frozen have turned off to no avail cannot access until I delete it.
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    Weather App amazing Porter

    Just purchased the above app. What a mistake when I opened it up it just flashed a beach then went off. Will not hold to do anything else with it. Has any one else tried it out and been successful using it ,the write up is impressive
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    I can receive emails on two email accounts, LIve Essentials and talktalk without any problems but when I want to send a reply or attachment, I get the message Rejected by Server. What can I do to overcome this proplem?
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    Frozen email

    Help I have an email that won't delete, there is no reaction when I press cancel. I cannot access any mail until I get rid of it. It was one I send from my iPad . It shows cancel on the left and send on the right
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    Is it possible to create sub files in mail to store emails you wish to keep i.e genealogy, holidays etc
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    Photos from Camera

    I have iPad 3 and would like to download photos from my camera, is the download lead available from the Apple Shop worth the expense for the new iPad
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    Can I delete mail from my Trash all at once instead of doing it one by one which is tedious?
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    What is airport used for. I have mine switched off. When. I attempted to print from Pages App I got the message that my printer was not on airport so I switched it on in settings but got the same message, how do I go about getting my printer on. I am a beginner this is my first iPad and...
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    I Have downloaded various print apps but dont seem to get it to the printer (Wireless Kodak ESP 7250.) I want to print from pages etc. the apps I have downloaded are print Direct, Prind and Printing Your help would be appreciated MOBUTLER