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  1. applechick

    Ipad mini with retina display or Ipad air?

  2. applechick

    Need help from my forum friends!

    Friend of mine is looking to buy an iPad classic for her daughter. Of course used. Can any of you experts out there tell me if that is it a wise choice? She will use it wifi only and to basically play games, surf the web and read. Maybe watch movies and music videos. My concern is will it...
  3. applechick

    Ipad sleeve

    I'm looking for an iPad thin sleeve in leather that will fit my iPad with Smart Cover. Hopefully not too crazy in price. Any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time!
  4. applechick

    Smart case- what color?

    Was thinking about getting the apple smart case in red.. Thoughts? Only concern is I heard the red isn't the same in person as it is in the picture.
  5. applechick

    Screen crack

    I was just taking my mini out of its case (an ihome composition) and the screen cracked!! I didn't drop it or anything. Im so upset! Anyone have an issue like this before? And no, I do not have AppleCare!
  6. applechick

    Color of your mini

    What color did you go with? It was a tough decision but I went with black!
  7. applechick

    Should i or shouldnt i????

    Really on the fence. Want one but am afraid the lack of retina is gonna bother me. What's an Applechick to do?
  8. applechick

    New ipad 4

    So I broke down and got an ipad 4- white wifi only 64gb. I'm a little disappointed because the only real difference I notice between this and my ipad3 is the charging port. I'm a little disappointed! Am I missing something? (Please say I am!!)
  9. applechick

    Should i upgrade from ipad 3 to ipad 4?

    I really would like to know if its worth it for me to upgrade from my 3 to the 4? I'm having a hard time justifying it as I own two ipad 3's for my own personal use, three ipad 2's and and original ipad for the husband and kids. Can someone who has the 4 tell me if its REALLY much of a change?
  10. applechick


    Hi guys! I'm really hoping someone out there can help me. I was just asked to record co workers then put together a video to music all with my iPad. I don't even know where to begin!
  11. applechick

    Obsessive ipad case buyer here!

    Anyone else have with too many iPad cases- like me!? I think I have a problem!
  12. applechick

    Macbook pro vs macbook air

    Thinking of getting one or the other. Thing is I have a MacBook that I hardly use. Most of the time I use my iPad. But I am still considering another laptop would like to know from others if they recommend one over the other? Thanks!
  13. applechick

    icloud storage

    I've almost reached my iCloud storage limit and do not want to pay for more. I'm confused on what I can delete to save space. Apps for example, what's the point of having them in the cloud. They are always available under purchased in the app store, right? Or am I missing something?
  14. applechick

    Dice with buddies!

    Yatzee style game! Warning: highly addictive!!!
  15. applechick

    Drawsomething error message

    Annotate play drawn something for 2 weeks now! Keep getting an error message! Help!!!
  16. applechick

    Most popular smart cover

    Curious if anyone knows which smart cover is the most popular?
  17. applechick

    White ipad cases....

    Just curious as to what kind of case people use on the white iPad?
  18. applechick

    I dented my new ipad already!

    Dropped in in the driveway and the top corner has a huge dent! Thank god that was all but my OCD is kicking in hard!!!
  19. applechick

    Calander help!

    I'm really in need of help! I am an office manager for a doctors office and I need to somehow set up the doctors calanders on my iPad so the doctors can access heir monthly schedules. It also needs to be printed for office staff that doesn't have an iPad. Is there any apps out there for...
  20. applechick


    Have never jail broken any of my devices- but lately I've been contemplating it. I must admit I'm not even sure what it is, if I should do it or how to go about doing it. Can someone please explain it to me so I can under stand it? Thanks ahead of time!!
  21. applechick

    Scratched my new ipad using a charging dock

    any suggestions on how to Get scratches out of the back of the iPad? I bought a new charging dock and it put several scratches on the iPad near the charger opening! Help please!!
  22. applechick

    Apple TV/Ipad help

    Does any one know how to mirror my IPad onto my Apple Tv?
  23. applechick

    Ipad 3 backlight bleeding

    Just noticed some backlight bleeding to the right of the camera. It's not on the screen, but under the black border. I only see it when I lay the iPad flat. Should I be concerned?
  24. applechick

    More than one ipad?

    Curious to know if anyone uses more than one iPad and if so what for?
  25. applechick

    Ipad HD

    Curious if people plan on upgrading to the new iPad? I'm undecided!
  26. applechick

    Apple Xmas gifts

    How many Apple products have you purchased this holiday season? We bought two iPod touches, and iPhone 4 and 100 in iTunes gift cards!
  27. applechick

    Smart Cover

    I have several smart covers, but I recently purchased a red leather one online. I'm a little dissapointed, as I don't feel the leather feels that much different than the cheaper cases. Any thoughts?
  28. applechick

    How much time do you spend daily on your ipad?

    Would say I spend 2-4 hours daily on my iPad, mostly in the evening. I use my iPad for personal use.
  29. applechick

    Icloud - delete apps?

    Is there a way to delete apps permanently from iCloud?
  30. applechick

    How many Ipads does your household own?

    We are a family of 5- my husband and I both love the iPad (me more) and our 3 children (14, 7 and 3) all use it for different reasons. We have an iPad and iPad 2. I'm thinking of adding more to the household but would like to know how many others have.
  31. applechick

    Cases, covers and accessories

    What kind of case does everyone use? Screen protector? And what's your favorite accessory????
  32. applechick

    Do you leave home without your ipad?

    Mine is always with me!
  33. applechick

    Ipad 3

    Is anyone planning on getting the iPad 3 right away? I had the original and now have the iPad 2 and I'm unsure if I need the 3 because I'm so happy with my 2!!!
  34. applechick

    Words with friends

    Is anyone else having notification issues on words with friends?
  35. applechick

    Scratches? Dents?

    Would love to know if anyone else has these and if they bother you or not? Thanks!!
  36. applechick

    Looking for a folio case that provides complete coverage. Any suggestions?

    I already dented the bottom of my iPad 2 so I'm looking for a folio type case that provides full coverage. I appreciate any suggestions thanks!!!
  37. applechick

    Anyone else having a problem with gmail?

    Sometimes my gmail works and other times it will say something about my password being incorrect.
  38. applechick

    Who uses a screen protector for their ipad????

    Undecided!!! Like the feel better without one. Screen also looks better. Just afraid of scratches. Opinions?
  39. applechick

    Ipad 2 cases

    Would like to know what type of case everyone uses? Thanks!!