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    Why I’m Not Getting the iPad 2

    Although I am perfectly happy with my iPad purchased in June, I must admit after seeing this video I like the speed difference. Over all I can live with my first generation and will upgrade next year to number 3. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    Ipad 1 vs Ipad2 (for those on the fence like i was)

    Check this video out iPad 2 kicks butt :D YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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    ipad 2, I'll just wait for #3

    I am wondering how long a new iPad 1 will be available.
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    Smart Covers Announced for the iPad 2

    Coming from using the apple case on ipad1 the main pint is to keep the unit light, thin, and protect the screen. The real test is what happens if you drop it:D
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    Iphone or ipad

    I have both. Any phone is just to small to really enjoy surfing the Internet so I only surf on my iPhone when I am in a store or need to find something quick. If I have my iPad with me then I wont even use my phone for anything other then phone calls or taking pictures! On the flip side the...
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    New iPad

    Not sure yet as I really don't care about having the camera(s) function. It really would have to offer something that I can not now for me to buy.
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    Buy Now or Wait?

    I bought my two sons refurbed iPhone 3 gs's and they looked like they were brand new. It really comes down to if you need a camera or not. If you waited this long what's another 3 months. This way you can try the iPad 2 or probably save a 100 dollars on the iPad 1. I have had mine since June...
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    Reducing the number of apps. GR better than iBooks?

    Well, you have to ask yourself this question. Are you ever going to use your iPad as an ereader? If the answer is yes then you will find iBooks, Kindle, or the Barns and Nobel reading apps better suited, simply because they are made to purchase and read ebooks.
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    Can ppt files be edited on iPad keynote?

    Yes you can edit PowerPoint files in keynote.
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    ? About ebook readers

    I personally like the visual appearance of iBooks. I usually search for the book I want to read with the Kindel, and B&N apps to check pricing. If I find it in iBooks for the same price I buy it.
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    iPad charger verses iPhone charger

    The iPad outlet charger is twice as big as the iPhone outlet charger, are they interchangeable or is the iPad charger bigger because it requires more amps? Will either be damaged if they are swapped?
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    In need of assistance.

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    Mute button not working

    It also mutes email and calendar alerts which is handy for me since I use my iPad in meetings at work.
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    Can't create a folder

    Make sure you are running 4.2. It won't work with previous versions
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    Skyfire App Will Soon Be Bringing Flash to Your iPad

    What I just rolled over? Darn I just can't handle this crazed idea of free enterprise anymore :D
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    Is This Man Really Holding A 7-Inch iPad, Or Is It Just A Big Old Hoax?!

    Today's news no 7 inch AppleInsider | Apple's next-gen iPad to get iPod touch-like back, wide-range speaker - rumor
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    Official Ipad Case

    I love the standard apple case because it is very thin. This allows for easy travel storage and doesn't add much weight. The kick stand is at the perfect typing angle and flipping it 180 works great for watching movies on a tray table on a plane. It is very durable (I have had mine since June)...
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    Set up your account on your iPad and they should show up automatically if it is an exchange account. (if I add a contact on my work computers exchange account it automatically appears on my iPhone an iPad). Personal contacts can be synced through iTunes. I leave all my contacts including...
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    I'm not updating to 4.2.....

    Mine took 24 hours to update. It looked like it was hung but I let it go. Just let it run and you will be fine.
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    Getting new Ipad.. Should I update it to 4.2 IOS?

    4.2 is great. The mute button change is a non issue as it is easier to activate the screen lock button from the menu bar.
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    iPad 2 Shipping by the end of February 2011?

    7 inch is not happening.
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    buy now or wait

    Today's report confirms there will not be a 7inch iPad. AppleInsider | Apple expected to produce 6 million second-gen iPads per month
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    Will you buy the iPad 2?

    I think I will unless the iPad 2 is downsized to 7 inches. I am hoping for it to be the current size just lighter and thinner.
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    Ipad2 new info

    I agree the front camera can be used for business video conferencing. If the iPad 2 is the same size as 1 the rear camera will be a joke to use. I really hope they don't downsize it as small as the galaxy tab because it is just too small to be useful.
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    Using my iPad now on plane with wifi!

    Well this is cool. I am on a delta flight from Detroit to Philadelphia and the plane has free wifi. I have been waiting forever to be able to do this and it's very fast.
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    Winter begins on Dec. 21st

    I had to fly from Philly to Wisconsin today. I left Philly and it was 50 degrees. I landed in Wisconsin after a blizzard hit and it is 8 degrees.
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    iPad 2 Shipping by the end of February 2011?

    Say it ain't so. I love the current size of the iPad Apple prepares new camera-toting iPads: sources | Reuters
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    I was wondering...

    Banks are not user friendly so why not just rob them.:D Jail breaking or rooting allows the OS to basically run any pirated apps. My son jail broke his old iphone and could run any Playstation or Nintendo game. I personally would never do it, but not having done so in no way inhibits my user...
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    How to open Excel, Word files

    Numbers will let you open and edit excel spreadsheets. I use doc2go to sync my iPad with my work laptop and view them. If I need to edit them I open in pages, numbers, or keynote.
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    Angry Birds Fans

    I just started playing this 2 weeks ago and I am definitely addicted. My favorite birds are the egg bomb droppers.
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    Can I download books from Barnes&Noble?

    Marie I still have my Nook, but I read all my books with the iPad Barns and Noble app. You just need to sign in to the account you originally registered your Nook under. I does not matter that you sold your Nook
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    iPad 2 Shipping by the end of February 2011?

    It will not be on sale until April based on todays rumors.
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    Can iPad connect to iTunes server?

    Zomocast will stream your iTunes music directly to your iPad from your PC. It works great without any lag.
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    Should Apple reconsider 7 inch?

    Nope but a carbon fibre iPad 2 sounds cool.
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    Are you on your iPad now? Where?

    Eating dinner watching tv waiting for the eagles game to start.
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    Who wants their screen rotation button back?

    I have my work calendar on my iPad and I receive all my meeting notification alerts so being able to leave the mute button on all the time has worked well for me. Not hearing the keyboard click as I type is a plus as well. I also find it easier to double tap and swipe to turn the orientation...
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    Would iPad replace my Kindle?

    I have not used my nook since I bought my iPad in June. Like many others I do most of my reading in bed at night so direct sunlight was never an issue. E ink is great, but in a dimly lit room or at night I always had to use my m-edge light so I prefer the iPads LCD screen over E ink and external...
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    I agree it would be nice if you could stop to hit the targets and pick up things. I love dodging the bricks that the zombies throw!
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    New to ipad and everything Mac

    Keynote does a great job of editing and presenting PowerPoint presentations. I use docs 2 go to sync all my PC files to my iPad and can or edit them in pages and numbers as well.
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    What book are you reading?

    I usually read scfi, but I just started JD Robb's In Death series with Naked Death.