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  1. PvtMatter

    New iPad Pre-orders begin today!

    FYI I ordered an iPad3 from the store on 3-8. I was informed this AM It was shipped from China this AM and will be delivered 3-16. Now if I could just get the 5.1 update on my iPad and iPad2!
  2. PvtMatter

    I Cannot download IOS 5.1 to my Ipad or Iphone!!! wi not work for me.
  3. PvtMatter

    I Cannot download IOS 5.1 to my Ipad or Iphone!!!

    I haven't seen a DNS selection option in iPad. Where would I change it?
  4. PvtMatter

    I Cannot download IOS 5.1 to my Ipad or Iphone!!!

    I have been trying to update to 5.1 my iPad and iPad 2 since March 7 and am still getting the "server cannot connect msg". I arranged a call to Apple tech service and they could offer no explanation except"......maybe try on Monday, Tuesday or later in the week since traffic is always heavier...
  5. PvtMatter

    Can I transfer iPad 2 to wife, keep New iPad for myself?

    Thanks Semel....guess I needed to ask some more questions. My new iPad is shipping 3/16 and I will have it shortly afterwards. When it comes in, I suppose I will connect it to iTunes on my computer and all info that was on my iPad2 will be transferred to my "new" iPad? Is this correct? Then...
  6. PvtMatter

    Can I transfer iPad 2 to wife, keep New iPad for myself?

    :confused:I have an iPad 2 and my wife has an iPad first edition. We both have computers with iTunes installed. I have ordered a New (why didn't they rename this thing???) iPad and would like to give my wife the iPad 2. Do I have to reset the iPad2 before I can transfer it to my wife or can...
  7. PvtMatter

    4.3.2 app problems

    Update and email contacts I have an issue that apparently arose from the update too. When I open email and wish to send an email, prior to this update I could click on the To field, the keyboard would appear below, I would type in the first letter of the intended address and my contacts with...
  8. PvtMatter

    Facetime freezing?

    My FaceTime worked on my ipad2 when I first got it. Now the camera freezes on the last scene I was on. I have tried a reboot and am running the latest os update. Any suggestions or should I call for a warranty replacement.
  9. PvtMatter

    Syncing Microsoft outlook calendar to iPad

    The last post I saw indicated it was impossible to sync the MS calendar to the iPad. Is that still true? What is a good 3rd part app that does not require Google or some other online site?
  10. PvtMatter

    Canceling contacts

    Tnks Tim. That is a bummer. Maybe in iPad3? Maybe in a jailbreak version for the new update?
  11. PvtMatter

    Canceling contacts

    When I open email and want to send an email I have all the people listed that I have ever sent an email to. These people are not listed in my contacts so how do I delete them?
  12. PvtMatter

    What size ipad?

    Where did u buy an iPad 3?
  13. PvtMatter

    4.3.2 update / issues

    Facetime deleting Tnks Twerppoet. I had just had a bout with Facebook and I was confused. I am so concerned about tracking and security issues I thought Facetime was Facebook......duh....must have had a brain fart! I will read up on Facetime )my bro has an iPhone and we can try it....just...
  14. PvtMatter

    4.3.2 update / issues

    Facetime Is there any way to delete, other than jailbreaking when it is available, this security flaw known as Facetime that comes pre installed?
  15. PvtMatter

    My iPad 2 Case Round Up: which cases have smart magnetic covers?

    I just ordered a Bear Motion leather case with magnetic cover that is advertised to wake the iPad2. It is $34.99 from Amazon. I have a Bear Motion for my iPad first gen and I love it. Only comes it black though, no fancy colors!
  16. PvtMatter

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    Whoopee! I solved the delivery problem! I had ordered a black engraved 32gb wifi 3G 2 from Apple on April 3 and was quoted a delivery date of April 27. I had previously searched Apple stores within a 100 mile radius of my house and NO ONE had the 2 in stock. On a whim I checked the local Walmart...
  17. PvtMatter

    Ipad2 shipments

    screen issue I assume you have received your iPad2. I have ordered mine but have not received it yet. Since you have an earlier production unit, do you have any screen lighting issues?
  18. PvtMatter

    Shipment date moved up!! Anyone else?

    ship dates I ordered mine, engraved, on April 3 and my estimated delivery date is April 26 (not ship date) so Apple must be working thru their problems in delivery
  19. PvtMatter

    Convert from ipad to ipad2

    No iPad questions answered without support agreement Just got off the phone after contacting apple support about how to transfer my iPad to my wife WHEN I receive my iPad2 (currently on order). The rep told me sahe could not transfer me to support unless I had an extended support policy...
  20. PvtMatter

    How do I convert a DVD to iPad?

    Converting DVD to iPad Look at their web site...trial version only is free.
  21. PvtMatter

    How do I convert a DVD to iPad?

    DVD to iPad converter Wow! $80 bucks? Too rich for my blood.
  22. PvtMatter

    Can the Ipad be re-registered to a new user?

    de-register iPad As you probably know by now, Apple is offering the iPad today online for $41.00 less than the previously listed price for the 32GB 3G unit. I bought one last week from Walmart, downloaded several "for pay" apps and registered the unit with an Apple ID. Now, to save the $41.00...
  23. PvtMatter

    Can not sign up for mobile me

    MobileMe signup Unfortunately MobileMe requires an id that is an email address. My iTunes account, which I have used for years to purchase songs, apps, etc., is NOT an email address. The problem, as previously stated, is I can not establish a new apple id because MobileMe says I am already...
  24. PvtMatter

    Can not sign up for mobile me

    I have downloaded new OS 4.2 for the iPad and would like to create a mobileme account so I can add the "find my iPad app". However, I can not create an Apple id. When I access the web page for instructions, I see if I have an iTunes account, my user id for mobileme would be the same. But when I...
  25. PvtMatter

    verizon vs ATT

    Data usage packages from AT&T I read, I believe on AT&T web site, that 2GB would cover 90% of people's usage and 250MB would cover 65%. I am using WiFi @ home and believe for a moderate "on the road" user, 250 is sufficient. As to who is the best carrier? I have Verizon and AT&T in the...
  26. PvtMatter


    Thanks Brad...will download.
  27. PvtMatter


    Can you text from an ipad?:confused:
  28. PvtMatter

    Ipad 32GB 3G itunes windows 7 connectivity problem.

    Maybe try restoring Windows, deleteing iTunes and then reinstalling iTunes.
  29. PvtMatter

    So...will 4.2 be FREE for iPad users?

    Knowing Apple and their ability to wring every dollar out of us, I would say $ to update.
  30. PvtMatter

    email address not entered correctly in ipad

    Auto correction Thanks all! Got it.
  31. PvtMatter

    Turn off Ipod on Ipad

    Can't find itunes player You're embarrassed? This will make you feel better. I synced my music but I don't have an ipod app button and I can't figurre out how to play my songs. Is the ipod app something you have to buy?
  32. PvtMatter

    Newbie question on how to listen to music

    You know men never(according to the wives) never ever ask for directions or read them! I bought an ipad today and have looked everywhere trying to learn .
  33. PvtMatter

    email address not entered correctly in ipad

    I may have posted this question incorrectly in another section of this forum. If so, please forgive me. My problem is my email is setup correctly and working. However, requires one to enter the email address. After I enter after the @, my ipad breaks my ISP windstream into two...
  34. PvtMatter

    Send emails

    ipad not able to enter email address correctly My email is setup correctly and working. However, to log in to Amazon one must enter his email address. Whenever I attempt to enter my address, after the @, I get Wind Stream, not windstream. Why is my ipad seperating windstream? Any suggestions on...
  35. PvtMatter

    Hi from GA Mtns

    Just got my 32gig, wifi & 3G far, so good.