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  1. razputin

    Upgraded fron an ipad 1 to a 4 and Wow!

    People can try to sell them so high but I doubt anyone is actually buying...
  2. razputin

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    I am still using my 1st gen but mostly for comics and magazines. With the recent removal of the ac3 codec from most iOS video players like OPlayerHD lite, I found one free one that still supports ac3 (CineXPlayerHD) but the video chugs in this player so I may have to upgrade to a 4th gen just...
  3. razputin

    can't find my podcasts...

    Thanks so much, I was going nuts.
  4. razputin

    can't find my podcasts...

    iPad 1 with iOS 5, I downloaded several audio podcasts in iTunes (on my PC), but I can't find them on my iPad. I checked in Music, but there is nothing there (I don't buy music). So I downloaded the free audio podcasts again this time directly from my iPad (via iTunes and saw them download...
  5. razputin

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    Yes, I am using the USB port on the motherboard rather than via a hub (Dell LCD), but I will randomly try connecting it to my monitor to see if it works. I have been experiencing random loss of wi-fi since day one with my iPad 1 so I am used to features coming and going...
  6. razputin

    USB recognition problem after iOS5 update on iPad1

    Thanks for the info, I just ran into the same problem! :)