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    March Madness!

    Well, March Madness is going on and now you can keep up with it thanks to the March Madness app which is FREE. You can get live feed the games, updates, schedules and a ton more. So go check it out!
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    looking for desert wallpaper from 3.2.2 which is not included in 4.2. anymore

    Hey I have the one you're talking about along with a few others. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Any decent free iPad games?

    Check out overkill. It's free as of right now so hustle on over to the App Store and download it!
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    Looking for the perfect handbag to carry my iPad 3G

    I was looking for the "perfect" one too. But I found one that is not perfect, but just what I was looking for. This bag is small, carries the iPad securly and has a front pocket for a few items. It also has a removable shoulder strap so you are able to use it as a messenger bag. Check it out...
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    Charlie Sheen Is Going Down!

    Well.. Charlie Sheen is winning, enough said. Go watch the winning song on YouTube.
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    Default / Stock

    Just pictures 1024 by 1024?
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    What do I need?

    Depending on how much content you plan on putting on it determines how much memory you'll need. I have a 16gb iPad WiFi only model and I have around 350 songs, 1000+ photos, 30+ apps, a movie and I still have memory left. If you want Internet access on the go get a 3G model.
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    Another Case Question…

    Found one, looks nice and from what the information you gave this seems to be the one. Just google padbook pianomedia, hope this helps.
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    Another Case Question…

    I'll look online for something like that. I sense I'll find one soon and when I do I'll let you know.
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    PowerSupport Antiglare

    Is the screen protectecor crystal clear? I had an anti glare screen protector on my iPhone before but it wasn't made by power support. It made the screen look a bit fuzzy, is your screen fuzzy with that one on?
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    Get My Purchased Ipod Apps to my new Ipad

    Go to the app store and purchase them again, it will allow you to get it for free since you have already purchased it previously. Or just put your apps on your iPad through iTunes.
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    Not receiving ALL email

    Mail on the iPad and iPhone need some major improvements. On my iPad I go to Live on safari to do my email. And after a few emails on that I open up mail on my iPad and refresh it and there's no new messages. Hopefully they will fix this soon.
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    Hacking the touch input

    You will never be able to use a hard-tip pen on the iPad. If you want a pen to use you can browse for some online or at a store like Best Buy. But as far as a fine-point capacitive touch pen there is nothing.
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    My first post and my first Zenus iPad case!

    The case looks nice, and so does the color combination.
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    What would you like to see in the new os?

    Syncing over WiFi, iLife would be awesome and also widgets.
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    New MacBook Air - competition for iPad?

    I think it will be as popular as the iPad. It's small like the iPad, but it will be faster and it supports flash. Not to mention it has a USB port along with some other things the iPad is missing. If the iPad had all these features the iPad would be in more peoples hands.
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    Targus iPad Stylus Review

    It's not $30, I got it at best buy for around $15. You can go on to the Targus website and look at it there. On the site I believe it's $15.
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    Anyone use a stylus?

    I use the Targus iPad stylus. Very good stylus. :)
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    Targus iPad Stylus Review

    Today I got the Targus iPad stylus at Best Buy. So far I am extremely pleased with the stylus. The stylus is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPod Nano. The stylus has some weight behind it but it feels very solid. It weighs 9.6 oz. It is 4 3/8 inches long, it feels...
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    Photos crashes in 3.2.2

    I have the same problem. I took it in to Apple and all they told me was that it could be a glitch in the software. A way to get around this problem is when you are in photos instead of sliding up and down, which cause it to crash, tap on an image and at the bottom skim through your photos until...
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    Mouses and the Ipad.

    I doubt it, since the iPad is a touchscreen device there is really no point for mouse. The only thing I could think of in that the mouse would be useful would be if you had your iPad docked on the keyboard.
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    are you a mac or a windows user?

    Macs FTW!
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    Case with Notepad

    I think I found the perfect case for you, look up the Moleskine Covers. They are not yet available but they are a nice case with a notepad inside them.
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    These look good, thanks.
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    The new blackberry table an ipad killer?

    I don't think it will be an iPad killer, RIM is too far behind on their products.
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    What's a good car?

    What's a good car that is under $20,000 and is NOT a sports car. I'll be 16 pretty soon and just wanting to know what you guys suggest.
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    Is your iPad jailbroken?

    I'm currently on 3.2.2 and as far as I am concerned there is no jailbreak. When there is one I will jailbreak but by the time it's released iOS 4 will be available. Hopefully you can jailbreak that firmware.
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    Easiest Stand To Make

    This is a very simple stand you can make. All you need is your iPad box, an object no more than 3 inches tall, the CD case is optional but you can also use something similar. I have pictures below to help you set it up, it should be quick and easy and makes a great video watching stand. Sorry...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Marware has some pretty cool leather portfolios that are really affordable. Another brand I would suggest would be Sena. They have high quality cases made of high quality leather, the only downside is that they are about twice as much as one of Marwares cases.
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    My Photos app is suddenly crashing !

    I have the same problem too, it only crashes when I scroll through my photos. If I just play a slideshow or skim through them it won't crash. I'm taking it in to Apple to see what they say about it.
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    how fast is your wifi ipad speeds?

    Download 13.14, upload 2.95
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    I've done a lot of typing on the iPad and now I can get around 50 words a minute, so I'm fine with the ipads virtual keyboard.
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    What iWorks App will you purchase?

    All of them. I use them all but I use pages the most.
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    All the time, except when I'm mowing.
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    Case or no case?

    I have the Marware Eco Vue. After using my case for a while it got to the point where the strap behind the iPad failed and my iPad would slide out. I'm forced to put Velcro on the strap and on the inside of the case so the iPad won't slide out. Does yours slide out?
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    What are using your iPad for that you didn't expect?

    I didn't expect to use it to take notes and write essays for school.
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    Which iPad model you have?

    16gb Wifi model. If I couldn't fill the memory on my 8gb iPod touch then this should be fine.
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    Amazon Takes a Shot at the iPad's Screen Visibility in New TV Ad

    The Amazon Kindle may be better at ONE thing but that's the only thing it can do besides the other little things you can do with it. The iPad to me is like an eBook reader/laptop.