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  1. miket5au

    71% of Android Users Affected by Malware in 2013, Compared to Only 14% for iOS

    Did you notice that the figures are 71% of web deliverd malware was for android users and 14% for iOs users. Its not 71% of android users and 14% of iOS users. What is the ratio of android users to iOS users? However the 99% figure for targeting Android is alarming.
  2. miket5au

    Twins spend more than $1500 buying virtual pets on iPad app

    A lot of people blaming the parents here! The story is about how ridiculous the cost of in-app purchases is. Yes, you can prevent it by not having a credit card on the account but that was not the point of the article. Have you ever made a mistake? Is there a lack of empathy here? In-App...
  3. miket5au

    iOS 7 is now available for download

    One thing you can say for iOS 7 - it has inspired a lot of people to join this forum! How many first posts have been made on this topic? I like iOS 7 and I get car sick driving round the block!
  4. miket5au

    US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing

    You avoided mentioning Mythbusters! Hopefully no one is going to flame you for it! To those criticising others about not being able to turn off their device for five minutes... That is called playing the man and not the ball.
  5. miket5au

    US Senator fights for the right to use the iPad from takeoff to landing

    There is zero chance of emissions from mobile devices affecting an aircraft. However it is obvious from the responses here that a lot of people still believe it is. We all watch too many Movies. There are lots of shows that show what really happens. Mythbusters does a fairly good job most of the...
  6. miket5au

    Have reset iPad 1. Is it now trashed?

    Reseting just restores it to factory settings. It will be fine. I am sure you can get iOS 5.1 for it still. When I replaced my iPad 2 (with a new iPad 2 as it had a failed battery) I reset my old one to factory settings before giving it to Apple. It just reset back to the original iOS setup...
  7. miket5au

    Locking down iPad to only run Square Up Register app

    Yes it is (I do) and I checked - the Guided Access option is available.
  8. miket5au

    IPad hardware failures

    The battery in my iPad 2 swelled and caused the screen to start to seperate from the back as well as slightly bowing. It was 19 months old and I took it to the Apple Store where they replaced it for $109 rather then the $279 they normally charge as it was clearly a battery fault.
  9. miket5au

    iPad Usage Rises Again After Brief Holiday Blip

    One method of ad blocking is to edit the hosts file and set all the ad sites to localhost. I know one person who does that to block ads in apps on android. Ad blockers work in a number of ways - some prevent the connection and others simply stop the display. Ad blockers on firefox can use the...
  10. miket5au

    iPad Usage Rises Again After Brief Holiday Blip

    You may be right but the article said the data comes from contact with its ad network. If you block the ads does that still count as contact? It is hard to believe that the other tablet users do not use a browser. Is the iPad market share 81%?
  11. miket5au

    Are You Going Naked On your iPad Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    I just got my iPad 2 replaced by Apple ($109 as the battery was bad - it was swelling up and pushing the screen up). Anyway I used a screen protector for a year as I found myself spending a minute cleaning the screen every time before using the iPad. However this time I did not put one on and I...
  12. miket5au

    How many people would buy a Seagate wireless hard drive for their iDevice?

    I prefer Seagate to WD because Seagate have a local address to send the drives to rather then having to send them to Singapore ($10 to Sydney or $30 to Singapore).
  13. miket5au

    iPad Usage Rises Again After Brief Holiday Blip

    The other tablet users will have ad blockers
  14. miket5au

    UPS Man Takes iPad Mini Just Delivered by FedEx

    I am surprised that people are surprised at this story. I would not expect a parcel left on my doorstep to be safe. Couriers / postmen do not normally leave parcels if they don;t fit in the mailbox - they leave a card. Perhaps it is the small town versus city mentality. Also how many people...
  15. miket5au

    New copy of iTunes on PC

    You can try CopyTrans Manager or Media monkey. I have used CopyTrans to get files from an ipod. It should work for the music and pictures.
  16. miket5au

    Who's still sticking with the original iPad?

    I was using Google Earth on my Ipad 2 and wanted to show my wife how to use it on her iPad 1. Installed it and ran it and got a warning about memory. She only had Mail open! So when the battery dies or some app she needs is not available - that is when she will want a new one.
  17. miket5au

    Apple Releases iTunes 11

    That article reads like a hatchet job on iTunes. Some people really hate iTunes. The biggest problem with iTunes was its instability on a lot of systems. However since I started using computers with 4GB or more of memory and more than one core I have not found it to be so bad in terms of...
  18. miket5au

    Apple Launches Variable Cost Gift Cards for iTunes

    As long as you can still buy at a discount - I always buy gift cards when they are on sale (the last ones I got were at a 20% discount).
  19. miket5au

    Apple Releases iTunes 11

    Saw that yesterday. Nothing I used is missing :-)
  20. miket5au

    Apple Releases iTunes 11

    If you enable the menus and go to the View menu you can show the sidebar - that gives you a iTunes 10 look. However you have to click on the downloads icon (little down arrow that appears when downloads are in progress). This opens a windows with the list of downloads and their progress...
  21. miket5au

    Apple Releases iTunes 11

    You can resize the icons. Got to View, View Options (or Ctrl-J) and there is an icon resize slider.
  22. miket5au

    iOS 5.1.1 Released

    I was seeing the "Unable to purchase"alert. It happened for App updates as well as when I purchased a new App.
  23. miket5au

    Won't retina display become more a problem than an improvement for users?

    That is not going to be a problem. A 5MP image will be a higher resolution than the iPad 3 screen. They will look fine. (5MP=2560x1920)
  24. miket5au

    Airprint with non-HP Printer

    And there is this article suggesting a newer version of the airprint activator for Mac. I don't know about the Windows version. IOS5 killed AirPrint on my Mac Fingerprint works for me on Windows 7.
  25. miket5au

    Airprint with non-HP Printer

    I found a paid solution - Fingerprint. There is an article at ipadhelp AirPrint for Windows and iOS 5 | iPad Help
  26. miket5au

    Anyone else waiting???

    A few have already changed to support newstand - Esquire and Wired for example.
  27. miket5au

    iPad Facebook App is Finally Here!

    Sorry, not trying to teach you how to suck eggs :-) Just noting that it worked for me in Canberra. Sometimes syncing with iTunes will restore / resuscitate the missing application. iTunes will download it on the PC and hopefully it will then appear on the iPad.
  28. miket5au

    iPad Facebook App is Finally Here!

    Worked for me. The icon should be on the first screen with room (after the normal home page).
  29. miket5au

    WiFi v 3G

    The iPad will use wifi if it is available otherwise it will use 3G. The only caveat to that is it will use 3G when in low power (ie screen off) mode as that uses less power. If you can check your 3G usage (I can be logging in to my provider website and looking at my account) you will see lots...
  30. miket5au

    Amazon Unveils its Kindle Fire iPad Rival for $199

    I bought a kindle because it has an ePaper screen. The fire does not so I will not be considering one. The ipad is for everything else but reading. It is too heavy for long reading sessions and it is harder on my eyes for reading than the kindle is. I have a 7in android tablet and found it a...
  31. miket5au

    If I upgrade to ios5 beta Can I restore my settings/apps/etc?

    Yes you can restore your settings from your last backup (disclaimer about being a developer ...).
  32. miket5au

    What are the bugs on the ios5 ?

    I don't think you can downgrade the iPad 2 3G models. Some apps and games I had did not work with the earlier iOS 5 betas but they have all been upgraded or work with iOS beta 6 and I don't have any that don't work now.
  33. miket5au

    stretching that battery power

    As soon as you have to pay and not your parents is when it gets expensive :) I remember being at Uni in England and the power bills were scary! I took it for granted that I could use my computer all the time and heat the flat until the first electricity and gas bills arrived! Winters are cold...
  34. miket5au

    Free Game Alert! Top Gear Stunt School Currently Free in App Store

    Check the links in the first post. Two iTunes links, one for the iPad and one for the iPhone.
  35. miket5au

    Get official facebook app for iPad! (jailbreak required)

    I have used the facebook app on android and did not think it was any better than friendly. The games people will play on their iPad!
  36. miket5au

    Ipad "see" nas server?

    There are a few apps that can see NAS shares - OPlayerHD and FileBrowser being just two examples.
  37. miket5au

    Itunes beta and ios 5 being buggy

    iOS5 is being openly advertised on Apples' web pages. I do not think an NDA is in any danger of being breached.
  38. miket5au

    Why are you not jailbreaking?

    Why am I not jailbreaking? 1. Been there, done that with all types of devices. "rm -rf *" anyone? 2. In the early days of Windows 3 there was a screen saver called "Johnny Castaway" - a lot of time was wasted starting the screen saver to see what Johnny was up to. If you are using a computer or...
  39. miket5au

    Cydia stopped working

    Because hardware manufacturers (disk drives etc) quote capacity in one way whilst the operating systems do it another way. Go buy a 2TB drive and it will be reported as having only 1836GB when you put it in your computer. (capacity is measured in 1000s by one lot and in 1024s by the other. Go...
  40. miket5au

    Itunes beta and ios 5 being buggy

    iTunes 10.5 Beta 4 (Win64) does not allow me to remove some or all of the videos from my iPad - I needed to make space for the OTA update to beta 4. I tried selecting just some of the movies in the iTunes library and it did not remove them from the iPad. I removed all the movies from the iTunes...