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    Is my credit card info safe? iPad 3G stolen w/ SIM

    That's just so upsetting, I really can't believe someone had the audacity to do something like that.. It's really sickening.. Hopefully you'd be able to keep the unlimited data plan on your new iPad.. And hopefully this guy you dealt with dies a slow and painful death.. Not even kidding!!!
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    Ipad Owners are SNOBS!!!

    I was just in starbucks reading through this thread on my iPad ..obviously, and someone actually had the audacity to say that this was a pointless device.. He then sets his Jansport down on the floor and takes out a 17.1 inch Sony VAIO.. I go get a refill and see all he was doing was browsing...
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    Turn Your iPad into an Extra Monitor

    +1.. lol, but i can concur that it does work very well
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    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    I use the iPad whenever I need to do something quick, like check the score of a game, check my facebook, Twitter, or anything that involves quick web browsing.. And more importantly you look so much cooler with an iPad than you do with any other laptop!!
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    iPad addiction

    Couldn't agree more!!!
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    Apple to charge for iPad OS upgrades after one freebie

    Ofcourse there had to be a fee for upgrading the software, but regardless it shouldn't matter because the next upgrades are going to make the iPad soo much better..
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    Anyway to use a bb tour for tether to iPad?

    So for those that successfully tethered their bb with PDA net and ibluever.. How's it working?
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    iPad has exceeded my expectations but still a few issues

    The non flash capability of the iPad, made me think whether or not I wanted it.. But I'm happy I decided to take the plunge..
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    How often is your iPad with you?

    I haven't left my house without it since day one!!!
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    iPhone on T-Mobile

    I'm going to have to generally agree with the majority and say that tmobiles customer service is sub par.. I have been with tmobiles for the last three years and to say I'm a little dissatisfied would be an understatement.. The only reason I chose to stay with them is the fact that they are the...
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    Best note taking app for iPad

    I need a good note taking app as well, I'm currently using notebook for iPad and it's working well for me.
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    Can you tether the iPad thru a Blackbberry?

    I had tried to connect my blackberry bold to the iPad via Bluetooth, and it is only recognized as an audio device.. So I'm guessing it cannot be tethered.
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    Here's why iPad internet surfing suck - Another Opinion

    Well that actually may be the case too, after thinking about it I realized that my unibody MacBook at my office does work so much faster than my MacBook pro at home.. :confused:
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    Anyones iPad have dead/stuck pixels?

    When I purchased my first iPad I noticed some aluminum dust inside the screen.. I went back to the apple store where I purchased it and 2 minutes later walked out with a brand new iPad and a free dock.. Apple is the best in customer satisfaction.
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    Here's why iPad internet surfing suck - Another Opinion

    I actually believe that surfing the web is great on the iPad.. In my house it's as fast as my MacBook pro.. And when I'm out and about and using 3G from AT&T it's still pretty fast..
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    How to Organize the Apps?

    Might be a dumb question and most likely posted in the wrong thread but, when does the new operating system for the iPad come out? I know os4 for the iPhone comes out in e summer.. Is this the same time to expect it for the iPad?
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    First Engraved iPad

    Awesome, I've been searching for someone to engrave my iPad.. And seeing this video is just making me wanna get it done asap!! Thanks for sharing
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    I'm sure it's been asked before, but what are the cons of jailbreaking ipad?

    Jailbroke mine, but I'm still running the promised 10ish hour battery life
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    Official iPad Owners List

    Owner of two ipads one 32gb wifi only since April 5th, and a 16gb 3G since April 30th 5:02 p.m.!!!
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    Problems that I've encountered

    ive heard so much about atomic.. is this in the app store?
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    Is there no limit to the uses for an iPad?

    I asked an apple associate about the credit card slider he had on his iPhone when I was checking out my iPad.. And he said that there are rumors apple was going to be making this available to the public!!
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    Use iPad with Magic Mouse

    Going home and trying this today!!
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    Best app you've gotten?

    Mine is probably going to have to be pages right now.. But that's going to have to be because it's finals week and I've been doing most of my papers on my iPad!!
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    Just a big iPod touch??!!??

    This is as promised.. This is a bridge between our iPhones (itouches) and netbooks.. Truly is a magical device
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    Ipad 64gb+3g avail

    :confused: he can't be serious..
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    Who's having buyers remorse?

    I sorta get what your saying Blake.. I myself was having a little buyers remorse when I first bought the iPad.. I thought of returning it myself then I did a whole final paper for my marketing class on pages for the iPad and realized that this is probably the most convenient thing ever...
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    In Need of the PERFECT Case - For Business

    The Louis Vuitton case, when it comes out!!!
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    do you keep your ipad with you at all time now

    Mine comes with me to school, work, and.. Everywhere else.. I would put it in my camera bag because that does come with me everywhere.. But that's already full!! So it's just in another bag and ready to be pulled out when bored
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    What did you purchase with your iPad

    I believe the case that apple made for the iPad is a perfect case.. Doesn't add that much bulk plus the tilt feature makes it so much easier to type:ipad-keyboard:
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    For the people who have 16gb model, is it enough

    I'm using it mostly as a photography portfolio, I do some web browsing, reading and watch a couple of YouTube videos.. I'm not planning on storing any movies or music on to it.. So I'm pretty sure 16gb would be plenty for me
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    Observations after two days w/ 3G

    What I've noticed is the 250 mb can really wither within a good use of the iPad under the 3G service!! I used 150 mb in a 2 hour span.. Unlimited data is definitely worth the extra 15 dollars!! With that said I'm in love with the iPad..
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    Worst news ever read on my iPad

    So sorry for your loss.. My condolences
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I have been playing around and just doing everything on it since I first got the wifi only one on April 3rd.. But now that I got my 3G I'm probably going to buckle down and use it mainly as a photography portfolio
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    I personally don't see the need of being able to watch a movie on the iPad, I mean it's great for it, but it really wasn't the reason for me to get it. I have my iPod touch for music and I was planning on using the iPad as more of a photography portfolio, so I'm probably going to be storing...
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    I currently own a 32gb iPad and love it! I use it mainly at home and at school due to the fact that these are the only places I have any wifi connection. I'm deciding whether or not to sell the 32gb for what I paid for it and going with the 3G model. And I don't know whether to use the 650...
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    New member from NYC

    I live in queens.. Manhattan is way too expensive for me right now!
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    New member from NYC

    Hi all.. I purchased the iPad when it was released and was told that I had to join this forum by one of the apple employees.. He had told me that this forum should answer all my iPad related questions.. So I finally got around to joining and have so many questions!!!