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  1. Ascendo

    What is your single most favourite feature of the iPad?

    I really love the long battery life, I get a whole day which is perfect for traveling with kids, or without.
  2. Ascendo

    Looking for foreign language ebook reader with dictionary...

    German English Translation Dictionary Hi Dre, One way to use a dictionary app with your e-reader would be to tap & copy a word to the clipboard, then switch back & forth between a dictionary app and the book reader using four finger swipe or the iOS app switcher. Best, Marc
  3. Ascendo

    French English Translation Dictionary for iPad & iPad Mini

    French English Dictionary + v5.3.12 is available in iTunes. More than just a simple translation dictionary, French English Dictionary + includes a verb conjugator, phrase book and vocabulary quiz generator for offline use (text-to-speech pronunciation requires internet). French English...
  4. Ascendo

    Better iOS Auto Correct With ManualCorrect For iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad

    That does seem useful. The current auto-correct feature seems like it was made for people who look at the screen while typing, which is easier on MacBook than iPhone. Marc Ascendo
  5. Ascendo

    DataVault Password Manager for iPad v4.3 beta

    Hi Shayind4, Thanks for your interest. Please send an email with "DataVault v4.3 Beta" in the subject line. Best, Marc
  6. Ascendo

    DataVault Password Manager for iPad v4.3 beta

    Hi Ellen, Thanks for the question. In a nutshell, WebDav (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol) provides a way to store and edit documents on internet servers. Apple's Mobile Me offers file access via WebDav. Several companies have set up free WebDav servers such as
  7. Ascendo

    Hi Dan, Are you going to CTIA? If so, I would like to discuss a few things. Are you available...

    Hi Dan, Are you going to CTIA? If so, I would like to discuss a few things. Are you available for a chat Web 6th at ~3pm? Best, Marc BOLH CEO Ascendo
  8. Ascendo

    DataVault Password Manager for iPad v4.3 beta

    We are preparing to release a beta of version 4.3 of DataVault Password Manager for iPad. This will be a free update for current customers. Some of the features we are adding include; - Split View on iPad with items listed to the left and item details to the right (see screen shot below). -...
  9. Ascendo

    Is Apple stock set to go to $350 by years end?

    That would be nice. Not much to slow it down right now. I read recently that it is in a no-resistance zone, chartists talk when a stock breaks out of recognizable pattern. I'm in... Marc
  10. Ascendo

    Free Trial Versions in App Store

    Not exactly because it forces developers to decide between offering a free version with in-app advertising or limiting features. In-app advertising isn't a great option for security related apps such as password managers, so we chose to limit users to 10 items in the free version of DataVault...
  11. Ascendo

    Free Trial Versions in App Store

    Should Apple continue to prohibit Free Trial Versions in the App Store? Apple currently prohibits developers from offering free trial versions of their apps. Do you think prohibiting free trial versions is a good idea? Best, Marc (iPad Developer)
  12. Ascendo

    APN Settings

    Hi CM, APN stands for Access Point Name and refers to a carrier specific network path to connect to internet. It would be very surprising if it wasn't configured correctly out of the box but if you are having problems try googling "ATT iPad APN" and you should find the right setting. Best, Marc
  13. Ascendo

    First Regent Street iPad buyer!!

    Congratulations! If you are like me the enthusiasm will continue to grow with daily use. Best, Marc
  14. Ascendo

    The iPad Developers Secrecy Club

    It's sounds easier to just hit the bars in Cupertino around closing time :)
  15. Ascendo

    Hello from Ascendo

    Hi, Marc from Ascendo here. Thanks for thinking of setting up a section for developers to post app announcements! We submitted v4.2.5 of DataVault Password Manager to iTunes yesterday as a universal application with full iPad support. It's great to see a new forum dedicated to iPads. It's an...